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  • buyteks buyteks Mar 29, 2006 12:51 PM Flag


    don't forget i post at anad besdies lscc, swks, rfmd, klic, cy, mu, kopn, amat, lrcx, lsi...
    hope to see your sorry ass and your pathetic aliases posting your jibberish... you are such a loser, stalk me all you want you cock sucking homo.
    i actually find it amusing and a compliment but then again coming from such a litle fag as you i may just put you on ignore again. laughing at you is making feel guilty as it is like laughing at the mentally challenged. so sorry retard.

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    • Fuck, go back to grammar school! I can't even comprehend one sentence from you without reading run ons! GO BACK TO SCHOOL, YOU FUCKING HAMISH FAGGOT! Take Steinmart with you too....

      You are such a loser that you don't even know how to day trade to make a living. So how much money did you lose on LSCC and PMCS for going short? LMAO!

      Again, GO BACK TO SCHOOL and spend less time on chat boards. BITCH! I will take you more seriously if you knew how to read and write.

      • 2 Replies to marketbuy2002
      • seems like you only pay attention to the posts you feel like paying attention too. hey asshole, i covered both you dumb ass, you fkn cock sucking homo. anytime you want to meet anywhere for that ass kicking you so deserve just let me know you fkn pussy.
        do you even know what a hamish is? you are so fkn stupid!
        you are the homo who follows me from board to board!!! makes up aliases too!!! what kind of shit is that? you have some nerve writing anything about my posts esp. when you seem to have some sort of stalking fascination. you need to get a life besides these boards you pce of rat shit. you talk big but i bet that you are some fat shi who sits in his underwear all day in that trailer.
        i go short and i go long, whenever there is a opportunity to make money i am there. you are such a dumb fuck that you can't fathom a stock rises and falls.
        must i place your loser ass back on ignore?
        you are no longer amusing me but i sure would like to whip your fat ass.

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