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  • iamtheone449 iamtheone449 Aug 22, 2011 4:14 AM Flag


    1) Market cap of MIPS is only 1.8% of its main competitor ARMh ($210M vs. $12B)

    2) Strong takeover candidate by ARMh , Intel , AMD or Google. MIPS has 478 patents and intends to start patent litigation against ARMH ,and Tilera

    3) Because of much lower fees of MIPS loyalties , MIPS can be very successful in Asia and low end featured tablets/phones in USA.

    4) MIPS processor has passed the Android Compatibility Test. MIPS based phones are sold under name CRUZ in Amazon and BestBuy

    5) Lenovo and TCL are the first two Asian tier 1 partners of MIPS for smart phones and tablets

    6) ARM is doing great because of its ecosystem and recently MIPS is making great progress in China and improving its ecosystem.

    7) Cavium announced recently MIPS processors MIPS64 specially for cloud computing and data centers.

    8) MIPS announced recently ten MIPS based smart phones and tablets. Part of them from Lenovo and TCL

    9) MIPS based tablets (Cruz) are sold by Amazon and BestBuy and have great review on Amazon

    10) New MIPS based servers announced by Caswell and Cavium

    11) Tilera/MIPS based servers are installed recently in Facebook server farms

    12) Facebook & Google are interested in low power servers . Main advantage of MIPS cores is low power consumption

    13) Large 18% short interest may cause sharp short squeeze

    14) Six Chinese companies are already developing MIPS based smart phones and tablets

    15) MIPS partner, TCL corp, is selling MIPS smart phones in Asia and Europe

    16) American Tilera announced low power servers based on MIPS architecture . MIPS may receive royalties from Tilera

    17) French telecom Squens is developing MIPS based 4G smart phones

    18) MIPS has now total of 226 licensees and partners. MIPS shares crashed from $18 to $4 in 6 months and are very oversold.

    19) Android is being activated on 400K devices per day and MIPS is getting part of that market.

    20) MIPS announced that this year we will be seeing 10 mobile devices. MIPS is said to offer high performance, low power consumption and cost efficiency supported by a rapidly expanding mobile ecosystem.

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