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  • certainupday certainupday Feb 19, 2008 4:57 PM Flag

    JCOM - significantly mispriced

    All longs should have huge smiles on their faces. It is not everyday that you find a stock that is mispriced, but we certainly have one here - even if you consider JCOM to be a value play rather than a growth story. I certainly disagree with the notion that JCOM is a value play. The Rev growth in the face of the slowdown that we have had shows that this company is firing on all cylinders (sic). The 10% stock buyback this year, the very, very low EPS multiple, >20% growth.....ZI want these nuts to drive the stock down even further. I now have a 19.50 average price and this thing is just going to fester until it blows. Hope all of the shorts out there have fun. Watch your arse.

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    • I agree. Everything about this stock says go. That doesn't mean it will... at least not right away. Having watched JCOM for years and invested (always long) several times, I can say that it sometimes takes a bit for the stock price to adequately reflect the fundamentals. I'm very happy with the buyback. It is the best investment they can make with their money imo. And within the next year we should easily make $30/share. But based on AH, I don't think it is going to get a pop right now. Oh well, I'm a patient person.

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      • Definately need to be a patient person. When money comes back into the market, that is when they will find this one. However, the run out of the stock should take a break now. We probably base here - up a few, down a few from today closing price, setting up that nice foundation to spring forth in the second half of 08. There just isn't anything wrong with the stock that justifies further SIGNIFICANT downside from here. Great growth story globally, with cah reserves and no long term debt. Just need for the market overall to want to go up - JCOM should perform nicely at that point. You do not find these set ups when the market is raging because everyone has a stock like JCOM on their radar, they just need a reason to pile in. JCOM isn't big enough to do it by itself. Just want to say thank you to all that sold to give me the opportunity. I will not look everyday at the stock, it is one for accumulating here and then peeling off shares in the latter half of the year when you want to cash in on 20, 30, 40% gains as the market recovers.

    • IMO, growth is a subset of value. You should always be looking for stocks that are trading at a discount to their value, and if you want to limit your universe to stocks with growth, so be it.

      But I'm a value investor and I like this stock. Market cap 950 mil, FCF $84 million, up 27% year over year.If I assume that it slows to 17%, I still can get to over $30 per share without making aggressive assumptions. 30/19.24 = 56% upside. Sounds like a value stock to me.

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