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  • mikehunt84666 mikehunt84666 Jan 30, 2009 3:32 PM Flag


    How are all you novices a likin the Obumer bear market so far. Like I have previously published, this all started when the demoncrats took control of congress and it became obvious that the black, mexicans, queers, stoopid feminists and the dopes on both coasts were going to put Obumer in as presidentee. ENJOY.

    Being an economist, I thot I would clue you all in on what is happening. Those of us who are prudent and have savings invest some of our money in cash-like stuff (mma, cd's, treasuries, etc). This includes business, retirees and non retirees alike. Sadly, rates are sub par on savings thanx to the jews (rubin greenspam and bernacke) so that the borrowers can be bailed out with cheap credit. Put another way, the prudent are suffering a loss of opportunity on savings in order to bail out the financially imprudent. So it is not only the taxpayers money that is being wasted but mostly a subsidy (screw job)at the expense of those with hard earned cash. Because of this, I for one, am on a buyers strike and I would hope all savers join me.

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