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  • museloser museloser Sep 6, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    Bill Ackman Jr.

    This Seeking Alpha clown thinks he is Bill Ackman Jr. He keeps putting out B.S. articles full of accusations and wrong assumpmtions and the stock keeps moving against him. The difference is that Ackman actually has billions of dollars under management and all this clown only has a Seeking Alpha account.

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    • The stock "keeps moving against him"? The stock was at $5 when the first article was written, now it's at $4.37. Oil prices have gone straight up during this period so you can't blame that.

      It's only going to take one of those large shareholders to figure out this ship is going down and then watch out below.

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      • Loose with the facts again. The stock was $4.83 even before his so called article hit seeking alpha pro. It was at around $4.70 by the time the article was published to seeking alpha pro. For an illiquid stock it is not a surprise for it to drop some with the multiple releases of this B.S. on the businesswire ( and indeed did go against him yesterday). This often happens with Seeking Alpha articles on illiquid stock, which is the sole purpose of Seeking Alpha existence. The funny thing is that this clown claims no short position in the disclosure, yet puts out release after release ( most probably at the request of the ambulance chasing third rate lawyer who filed the CAS case and told shareholders to sell at $3.00 because the stock is going to below $1 and they will get a lot of money in a CAS) Even funnier than that, is that the clown claims to be a fund manger but there is no trace of any fund being managed by this clown other than Seeking Alpha contact information. The real funds who hold this stock know the company well enough not to listen to this B.S. If Ackman couldn't do it to HLF, this two bit clown certainly cannot do it to HNR. I know Jason's upgrade really burned you folks. Bite the bullet and move on or you will get burned exponentially worse with what is coming.

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