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  • hoponcopper hoponcopper Sep 15, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    You don't name a company SpinCo

    if you plan on it being around for very long. They'll sell BB, drill Columbia, begin production in Gabon and sell it all - if not sooner.

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    • Hopeoncopper you really are something. My 5 years old grand son understood it already.

      The new Company if any new Company that HNR will spin-off after this so called "sale" that has almost NO to LITTLE CHANCE to be consummated, will have an another name, of course, which has not been decided YET and Edminston used "SpinCo" as "john doe" for business. The name will have to be approved by the board.

      Basing any reasoning on this name alone is a total nonsense. By the way, if you want some credibility regarding what think and will do HNR, please go look at COLOMBIA and COLUMBIA and tell me where HNR is thinking of drilling.

      Talking about selling another "golden bridge" is the sale of Budong Budong...Why not talking about Oman too...all together they may get above a million dollars why not?

      Not even a year ago you and few others here were buying on the basis that HNR was easily valued between 20 to 50 a share. You added as low at 8 to 6.5...

      After HNR and "sale to Indonesia" the value went down to 15 a shares no problem...13 at a minimum.

      Now after the so-called "sale to Argentina" the talk on the street is an "easy" 6 plus some new shares...
      Can you guess what will be the next Country to place a fake bid to HNR Venezuela? China?

      Why on this earth any company would buy HNR Venezuela for more than few bananas?

      It is like sinking hundred of millions away.
      This asset is worth nothing else than dividends which haven't been paid for now 3 years and they cannot decide anything or get oil production.
      This Argentinian Co. will try to negotiate a deal with Petrodelta and Ramirez using HNR and if they do not get what they want they will leave HNR as empty as before at no cost saying that shareholders will not approve the deal like PT did after a year or so.
      As you can see the deal is subject to approval of shareholders and it will never be approved if Venezuela is not ready to modify the JV and really pay dividends. Why Ramirez will change that??

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