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  • nanaek90 nanaek90 Oct 28, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Someone Needs to Stand Up and Act Morally

    Only this tiny cadre of long-term Retail Longs are harmed by the stock price breaching a certain level - as everyone clearly knows.

    There is even anecdotal evidence that these Retail Longs - 4 people? 5? 7? - are all being monitored click by click in other parts of their portfolios, maliciously traded against as iif they were Billionaire Targets like Eike Batista or the Ambani brothers or Aubrey McClendon or Ted Turner.

    It's FILTHY. It's CRIMINAL. And it should have no part in Markets which are in any way decent and fair and unbiased and balanced.

    You can't legislate basic Morality.

    But this is such an egregious case in every way, if it is not corrected soon, those responsible will pay for it - one way or the other.

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    • Alright you’ve shamed me into standing up. It was me who falsified the financial statements since 2008. It was me who told HNR mgmt to recognize net income that was never coming in the door. It was me who marked up the value of Petrodelta every year even as much larger companies were completely impairing their Venezuelan holdings. It was me who fired the auditor this year after they issued a going concern warning. It was me who had Jason Wangler tell everyone that HNR would not issue equity. It was me who ginned up the Venezuela press release without any definitive details. It was me who canceled the Q&A portion of the Vz deal conference call.

      Pal, I’m sorry you’re in this stock but there is no cabal of trading desks conspiring on this. The Vz press release was a scam to pump up the stock in order to issue equity to pay for the Oct 1st interest payment. It’s really as simple as that and the market is now pricing this in.

    • nanaek of the north,what do u think of hnr.q lieing about their finances,and filing false finance reports on their co.??????/

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      • I CHALLENGE Glenn Fuhrmann and Glenn Krevlin and Alex Porter and everybody else who could be acting to prevent this travesty to stop sitting on their hands and condoning it by doing nothing.

        I even CHALLENGE Jim Simons to do something about it - although if he allows his 23-year-old employees to leave dead puppies and kittens on people's doorsteps, one wonders if there is even a shred of simple human decency or morality in his benighted soul.

        Love and kisses - from Those Who Do Not Deserve This Treatment - and Never Have

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