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  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 5, 2012 9:03 AM Flag

    Charter is running scared...

    I recently began to wonder why CHTR would be POUNDING its own customer base with advertisements. Afterall, if someone is seeing a Charter Ad, they are likely already a customer with obvious noted exceptions.
    But the pounding is relentless, the same old stale ads and with the frequency CHTR pounds these ads across the screen , even new ads become stale in a hurry. In fact, the ads have become a nuisance to anyone who watches even an average amount of TV.
    Adding all of this up, its hard to understand why! Its probably a combination of things such as customer migration to Direct TV or some other competitor and CHTR attempt at tabling THE SAVE and keeping that customer. Maybe its the economy, alot of folks have decided to use hulu or netflix or any combination of alternative choises out there in the market today. Then again, it might be the lack of advertisers, again, due to the economy. I suggest it is a combination of all of the above.

    However, the big WAVE of departure is yet to come and that is the ever evovling SMART TV movement and OEMs like AAPL who could change the landscape with one new revoltuionary product like it has successfully done with the MAC, IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE. Rest assured, other players are also working on a TV that will change how households view their favorite shows or TOPICS.
    To be sure, the cable co's will still play a role in the equation even if AAPL develops the magic tube everyone is anticipating/wondering about.

    With all of this said, one can only wonder why it is that the likes of a CHTR can continue to blindly badger, beat up, abuse, its customers. It seems CHTR has been offering less for more, taking away its free 6 months of HBO time for example, for those who earn enough points in the boring rewards program.
    ADDING it all up, it seem the cable industry is headed for even stronger headwinds with the anticipated arrival of TECH players impacting this industry above and beyond the bevy of OEMs fighting for shelf space at Walmart and/or Costco with their new feeble first generation of smart tv's.
    Setting aside all of the above one has to ask what a CHTR has accomplished when its own customer base looks forward to the day when they (customers) can FIRE CHTR and move on to newer, better, cheaper service via technology invaders soon to enter the sector.
    I don't get it but hey, this isn't the first time CHTR has been forced to tread water in Puget Sound knowing what lies ahead in the coming wave of new players competing for that household entertainment bill!
    Maybe this is why CHTR likes to POUND its own customer base by running its own ads AT its own customers over, and over, and over, again just placing another layer of bricks between itself and its own customers and not caring that it has created the same disike for itself from its own customers much in the same way as people feel about their utility co's.

    Nice Job CHTR! Oh and I am one of those who can not wait to say SEE YA ! Wouldn't want TO BE YA!
    All IMHO of course....

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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