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  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 6, 2012 3:02 PM Flag

    CHTR headed down....

    Many have left CHTR, I fired CHTRs telephone and went over to Vonage about a year ago and have since migrated over to magicjack, my phone bill is now 20 bucks per year! Serves my purpose and paid off 5 years of phone bills w/ a check for a 120 bucks!

    Its not what I did, its that CHTR has not changed to meet the competition. In fact the entire cable industry has done little more over the last 30 years than add channels and improve speeds. Prices have constantly gone up!

    What the cable industry did do was give birth to its own competition! Two very viable alternatives exist in the telephone arena, mentioned above AND there are more, like skype and a few others.

    Add in the likes of HULU and NETFLIX, redbox and countless other alternatives and one can only wonder how a CHTR stays in business.

    Lets face it CHTR, I could care less if I have 200 or 300 channels! I routinely use about 30 channels and I think most folks use on average 20 to 50 channels.
    I'm not sure what CHTR or the cables industries goal is but I think consumers are fairly well set on paying for what they use and not what CHTR /the industry want to throw at them.

    Oh and sorry, the notion that we are paying for thse basic 20 to 50 channels and the rest are being provided for free.....well, that doesn't wash!

    Its time for cable to change or disappear! all antiquated technologies disappear, so will you CHTR.

    all IMHO...

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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