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  • boar292hog boar292hog Apr 10, 2013 12:46 AM Flag

    It's 2100 HRS, do you know where your show is!?

    Dear Charter...was browsing channels and saw the "Propsectors" is on TWC at 2100! OOPS WRONG! Its nothing but weather! Where did the show go? On NGC its supposed to be some veterinarian Dr Pol or something but NO! Its some drug interdiction show! LOL! Is this the level of service we PAYING CUSTOMERS are to expect from Charter now?
    Oh its nothing new...its been going on for awhile now but i finally decided to jerk CHTR around the way CHTR is jerking us around.
    So I go to Charter LIVE CHAT and the Gal says Chtr doesn;t control programming, the respective network does. So I ask how I can contact the network and of course, there is no means to do so.
    So who cares? Charter sure doesn't and apparently the networks don't either! No apology, no explanation, no means of voicing ones discontent....maybe someone should put a class action suit together to teach the networks and charter that accuracy matters. that getting what we pay for, matters, and getting it as advertised, matters.

    I hate to point out such meaningless, tedious details I mean maybe we should all grow to expect that the shows are really hit and miss on Charter....if you're lucky, the show thats supposed to be on is in fact on at the advertised time!

    Man, next thing you know, we will have a White Hosue that says all legislation to be voted on will be put online for every american to view/review before congress holds a vote! OOPS........ !!!!

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    • You should consider getting a life. This is a stock board, not a customer rant board. Go get dish if you hate them so much. You must actually like their service since you haven't disconnected...

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      • LMAO! You should abandon your wish to control everything and everyone and accept the fact that if the service advertised and paid for by consumers is indeed NOT the SERVICE the customer is receiving then there might be a serious problem here that effects the value of the company.
        I mean if you bought a camaro and were given the keys to a used jetta when you picked up the car, is that how you want life? LOL!

        I can assure you that EVERY listed company has people who READ investment boards etc. While far from accurate, the semtiment and sometimes, real issues (like this one) are the kind of feedback that problem solvers search for.

        Or perhaps you think that the corporations you invest in like to keep their heads buried in the sand, like you apparently do!

        Stop defending and making excuses for SHODDY SERVICE and as you put it, get a life!

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