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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 20, 2012 10:59 PM Flag

    190 K shares dumped. You can do better than that

    Tic Toc

    Here comes the 10's DUMB F RETAIL!!

    This drop isn't over, its just a slow stage. Don't you know by you all bidding up this ticker what you have allowed to occur?

    You think these F'ng pr@#$#ks who litter this board are you friends? They are here to take your money. They aren't finished yet, at least I hope not. I see them still driving this down to a solid $6.

    Save your black powder DUMB F RETAIL.

    Don't blow your load all at once.


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    • Cover your short.
      Take your meds.
      You are losing your fragile grasp on reality.
      Try taking up knitting. That is supposed to be calming.

    • So you didn't believe this was going to hit the $10, quite obvious from all the collusion where it was headed.

      You ready for the next prediction? $9 range, Bill's persoanl 90 DAY INTEREST FREE RACKET IS OVER!! The collapse of the CEF industry begain about 7 years ago and the slow transition is to follow shortly to even the Big BOY PONZI like structure brokerage houses, they will disappear like rats in the night with your money leaving you with tears, guarnteed.

      Please share such topics of conversation and recognize Barron's and Money along with the rest of the garbage pseudojournalists as that nothing more than men who have expensive cognac and cigars at the Maycacam Humidor with each other enjoying your interest free loans.

      Laughing at your inablity to understand the small print and their ability as an industry to abuse the small print and the Congress and SEC failure to do correct by it US Citizen!!

      Here we are now and recongize the SEC knows the ills of this and can not publicly identify such a HORROR the CEF INDUSTRY has colluded upon for so many years to STEAL YOUR MONEY, simply put.

      THE SEC FAILS AGAIN and instead of just correcting it they want to save face with a slow but subltle change and not force a imminent COLLAPSE of an industry if the trut was told and if actual regulations are placed to systematicall correct it in one sweeping motion.

      Will the SEC answer such accusations? Bill Gross and Mo E. are you friends!! hahahahhahahhahah!! what a joke.

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