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  • skynet2point0 skynet2point0 Oct 10, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    What a bargain -- only a 50% premium now!

    This thing has been so overvalued for such a long period of time and PIMCO is part of the problem. Instead of distributing twice the dividend the fund is actually earning, PIMCO should be more realistic and distribute roughly the .07/share per month it is earning. Even at today's price that would be a yield of aproximately 7% which is still way overvalued for junk debt. Why are people so uninformed? This should be selling for under $8 / share. People think they are getting a dividend over 11% when in fact half of it is a return of capital. This is just so sad and the people at PIMCO are holding the dividend up out of their own self-interests to take advantage of the uninformed. And then there are those disingenuous people on this board that are attempting to justify the value of this fund because they own it. Shame on them. I hope they eventually get what they deserve.

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    • You drank all the kool aid, didn't you.
      Care for an eye opener?
      Peek at the year end reports from pimco. The same roc crap has been floating around for years, BUT when you look at the breakdown.......... The roc has not been there, as you fools predicted..(opps there was like 3 cents last year).... How odd.
      Give you a hint. When realised capital gains are distributed, it is NOT the return of your capital.
      How will you cover sucker?

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      • 1 Reply to ukcuh
      • "return of capital" is an accounting term. When the money backing each share drops from $15 to $8, the money is gone--whether you call it return of capital or market fluctuations, in an environment where interest rates have dropped to record lows. And you can categorize distributions as "income" by selling winners and holding on to losers! And with inflation the value of the fund is even lower.

        Is this following the cornerstone model--for which I was trashed on the message board by even metioning it. Those who ignore history....and those who say this time is different... or this fund buys magic beans...well, as they say time will tell. I hope that those guys who agreed that this was overvalued, but that they would get out in time made the right moves....but of course, on this anonymous board...everybody is young and beautiful and RICH.

    • the vultures are out...i see you want to pick some up..what PIMC should have done is put out a special dividend with the premium that high! but ofcourse they didn't they actually believe all the press they receive!!

      El , Bill and no more Neil K. REPEAT...SPECIAL DIVIDEND NEXT TIME WE GET A 70% PREMIUM...if you ever do again? DUMB F! hahahhhahhaha!! Greedy Fs!!!! hahahhah!! Stupid Fs!!!!!!

      Now you set it up so they can destroy your pps as opposed to giving it to your shareholders.

      Bill nice time on selling those 20K shares !

      repeat....sppppaccccheeeeiiaaaalll!! deeeveeeeedaaaanddhhhh!!

      Way to F the longs and who did they call before this tumble started to help them position others for a profit?

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