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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 24, 2012 2:50 AM Flag

    NEWBIES don't excuse the pikers on this message board

    NEWBIES you will never hear most of these losers posting information that will actually give you a clear picture of what has been occurring with this fund or the other pimco funds, by the numbers F thier #$%$.

    yield premium/discount
    1/1/2012* 7.91% 16.04*%
    9/14/2012 7.49% 16.10%
    10/22/2012 7.22% 17.91%


    1/1/2012* 7.40% 20.48%
    9/14/2012 7.86% 16.78%
    10/22/2012 7.54% 19.11%


    1/1/2012* 10.5% 64.88%
    9/14/2012 9.87% 67.42%
    10/22/2012 10.88% 53.14%


    1/1/2012* 11.30% 63.50%
    9/14/2012 10.36% 70.34%
    10/22/2012 11.8% 48.32%


    1/1/2012* 8.63% 5.92%
    9/14/2012 7.60% 9.53%
    10/22/2012 7.80% 4.84%


    1/1/2012* 8.56% 19.08%
    9/14/2012 7.69% 29.41%
    10/22/2012 8.18% 9.53%


    1/1/2012* 8.79% 7.62%
    9/14/2012 7.94% 8.87%
    10/22/2012 7.99% 6.47%


    1/1/2012* 7.87% 5.55%
    9/14/2012 8.40% 8.40%
    10/22/2012 8.24% 7.55%


    1/1/2012* 7.68% 4.28%
    9/14/2012 8.49% 5.82%
    10/22/2012 8.45% 4.51%


    10/22/2012 7.47% 0.07%

    Though I DO NOT F'ng understand why the F the PIMCO TEAM uses vocabulary like "capital preservation" to describe some of their funds when in fact when the market tanked in 2007 and 2008 those same funds were falling just as well!!

    Where is the F'ng "capital preservation" part? #$%$ BILLY AND EL get a grip of your house and instead being so busy changing funds name alone you two can change the DESCRIPTION of the fund as well..from "capital preservation" to "in step with DOW as it tanks so do most of our JUNK RATED funds!!" just saying.

    Bunch of HORSE@#$SH@#$IT! is what it is.

    You F'ng shills on this board need to be exposed, time we take control of this board and start putting together an "ignore list".

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    • Oct. 24th it was at $12.40 till it finally bounced at $9.90.

      Do the math you simpleton and don't let these criminals steal your money anymore.

      Warn your family and friends at the dinner table, let them know you made a mistake.

      Sell into strength like the rest of the roaches are or are you going to stare at the screen as it dips to into single digits and this time the crooked brokers are running out of gun powder especially that no one is using that DRIP to keep the PONZI SCHEME going.

      I warned them on the Cornertsone Fund Board over 15 mos. ago to sell into strength in the $8 then Seeking Garbage and Motley Tool finally printed an article stating they were a PONZI STYLE structure...just like the Mo, Slick Willy and HANSIE show is!!

      phk 10/24/12

      1/1/2012* 11.30% 63.50%
      9/14/2012 10.36% 70.34%
      10/22/2012 11.8% 48.32%
      11/25/12 12.86 % 32.25%

      within the last two recordings pimco ponzi phk had dipped to a 22% premium.

      You fools run, sell into strength stop letting them steal your money!!

    • You tend to become upset, when your short selling scheme blows up in your face, don't you.
      Ever hear the tale about the boy who yelled wolf?
      Your clock is getting cleaned, AGAIN.
      Dumb f ing shorty.

      • 1 Reply to ukcuh
      • No idea what your talking about but ummn...the years worth of capital appreciation just got wiped out which was 50% of the total profit for any share bought in the beginning of the year. If you were investing through out the year then more then 50% of those shares at curret price are in the red.

        Regardless whateve permutaion that you run.

        Just saying.

        Uck I won't lie about tickers and performance and your statements wil not either...simply click on gain/loss in your folio to out.

    • what really irks me is how does Alliance have 3 F'n horses in the race which are in direct competition of each other or can COLLUDE together? this ain't a perfect world and all of them cheat !!

      PIMCO, Nicholas-Applegate and NFJ

      Someone should call Alliance and find out what the deal is about that?

      this is why DUMB F RETAIL, you should be beating into your children not to invest in the market and keep passing this on to all future generations regarding how much of a SCAM it really is.

      just saying the truth.

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