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  • ukcuh ukcuh Dec 6, 2012 5:40 AM Flag

    Yesterday's v.i.g.

    Was a paltry $29.56.
    You short selling fools better pick up the pace. Don't you care about paying for little ol' me???????

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    • Told you!
      You know what that means Huck?
      Well, figure it out for yourself, you're a bright boy..bright enough to insist on holding and buying a diminishing value asset and settling for Negative after tax returns for 2 years in a row, all the while maintaining you are doing better than other lower yielding alternatives.
      Keep it up..I assure you that when PHK trades BELOW NAV, the vig would be ZERO!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to ny_er_1
      • That means the short play is dead and the shorts have taken the easy money from 77% to the 22% premium slide (which all you find perma bulls were touting and telling others to buy) and the shorts have moved on and or will wait for you Dumb F to bid up the premium once yet again! which you will fail to because they are distributing out before another imminent 15% drop.

        This isn't Thermodynamics, a simultaneous equation is the most complex math of this buisness and add the factor called manipulation which is the "random" part of the equation of the "game" they call stealing your money.

        Somehow they think they are braniacs because they can cheat and steal better then most other disciplines. :)

      • Yes. I KNOW what that means.
        Do you?
        Didn't think so. I'll clue you in later, after you fail to get it right.
        The ball is in your court.
        Tell me what you think it means.

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