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  • ukcuh ukcuh Jan 31, 2013 6:49 AM Flag

    All my phk shares borrowed again. YESTERDAY

    Anyone care to guess when they were sold yesterday...........
    Simple to see when.
    Now, going forward, the actual delivery day will be Friday. Opps, just before the next distribution announcement.
    We might be regaled with brain dead suggestions of a cut, AGAIN. If the fool short sellers follow the script ridgedly .
    Bottom line: they will attempt to drive the price lower, until Friday, so if we see any weakness............ BUY...................................... We have all seen what will happen after the announcement.
    You would think the clueless clowns would give up, after all these years of being wrong.
    Oh well. Stupid does stay stupid.

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    • blah blah blah....

      lets just get on with the 77% premium!! you can do it!!

      i am ready for another nice pay day!!!

      i guess at 50% premium over NAV it turns into a bubble.

    • in the real world of finance and economics...

      synapsis of last year:

      invest money in high income fund...
      the fund pays out 12%
      the fund deprecicatess 16%
      add the fact the dividend stays the same
      add in inflation
      add in you have to pay uncle sam is cut that SOB

      what are you exactly getting? just saying.

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      • jdfunnell Feb 1, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

        You will never understand those who buy with no intent to sell. The sunk cost is just the price of admission to a string of income. So sale? No problem!

        I've posted this here before, but it's like our house. We paid $245K for it and it went to $800K. Did we sell? Heck, no! It is our house, our home, and what it is worth on the market means nothing in comparison to what it means to live here. That's like the stream of income from the sunk cost.

        Then it went down to maybe $275. Should we sell? Heck no, it's our home! Now it is worth maybe $450. What does that mean? Something to our heirs, I suppose, but nothing to us.

        PHK is not that different. If you bought it cheap, what need to sell? What reason? It gives off a stream of income, which will hit 120 unchanged dividends in a few months. That's what the holders look at.

        The market price means zip, zero, nada.

        You can rail all you want about a cut, and I will not disagree all that much. Except that I will believe it when I see it, because if that was the intent, it would have happened far sooner than now...............Dave

      • ' what are you exactly getting? just saying.'

        ("Just saying?").........As usual you're not saying anything except rubbish. You're not even funny anymore with your silly post's.

    • There was a time offering a toast to the shortstains at the social club would
      raise a few eyebrows.......Now they get an applause....
      That vig spends just fine.

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      • You can never count on the vig, as it changes every day.
        It all goes into the same pile though.
        CASH INCOME.................
        It does, indeed, spend just fine.
        I look at it as a "special dividend".
        You think the resident fool will spout off again, claiming he does not pay?????
        What an infant..............

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