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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 15, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Warning Retirees

    If you plan on purchasing this ticker know this that your paying an absurd premium which these men are not.

    know this, at any time the collusion will bring her down to true NAV and at the mercy of the collusion.

    know this the perma bulls here were pumping her for you to buy at $14 a near 80% permium and now they are pumping her for you to buy at at 50% permium.

    know this they say the dividend will not be cut.

    know this if such is the case they why would they all be so upset at picking up shares a discount for a junk bond stuffed fund portofolio with above normal risk and keep collecting the dividends for a lesser pps to current pps? hmmmmn....

    know this who responds to such rationality and you should put them on ignore...

    know this..they are playing "the game" called stealing your money..

    they are irate because the truth is exposed constatnly everytime i press a key and their lies are washed away with it..

    you have the information..

    i challenge the collusion to prove me otherwise..

    bring her back to $14 so you can all sell your shares to such high caliber men..hahhahhhahaha!!

    24/7 abandon all ye hope crooks.

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    • So you never learned how to play the game and the boyz plucked
      you like a young chicken. Now it’s everybody’s fault but yours right.
      That is one sad sad story.......I think I feel a tear welling.up.

      Couldn’t of happened to a nicer person......

    • As for your perma bulls if you #$%$ maybe I might not post again..but the more you rile me up the more truth behind the ticker and its managers will be dragged into the light..

      follow huck's lead and #$%$ and admit your wrong.

    • know this if you own this currently this is how you start to safegaurd yourself wiht out selling it...

      DONOT use the DRIP..take the cash and stack it and let them laws of finance play out over time..and they will..they always do....and eventually another shark will come for the weaker sharks and by then you can sit back and enjoy the show.

      Please share this with other retirees and spread the truth about the great collusion of stealing your money...

      share such topics of conversations at the dinner table...

      question why willy and mo with all that talent haven't been able to expose such nonsense for the gain of the fund itself ? are they part of the collusion or just so inept? write to them..question them...

      i don't need a rubber room but they will when pressed on such matters the pps will start to crack...the market is at a high and phk is treading water in the $12 and ready to submerge into the $10's at any moment.

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