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  • drwstring drwstring Mar 4, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    dannyboy, you are a nutcake. You're fantasy rants about shorting phk are silly

    What is phk performance last...4,3, 2, 1....ytd. Phk has managed/averaged a double digit return, correct?

    Too funny dannyboy, you're all about being a perpetual nutcake. You haven't made squat shorting it and we all know it so stop deluding yourself.

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    • The dim witted one continues ton post his supposed greater results though.
      An attempt to gardner sheep followers????????
      Can you imagine anyone, here, willing to follow the recommedations of that moron???????
      We have witnessed his dismal proformance.

      • 1 Reply to ukcuh
      • what are you guys going on about still? when is that 80% premium going to hit is my question! hahahahahahahahha!!!

        you DB should be quite until mid 2015 when investors finally break even or get ahead for those who listened to you snakes and maggots in the grass to purchase PHK at $14 range.

        we know..we never said to buy phk...should we pull up the history on the board? losers! :)

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