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  • miggie406 miggie406 Dec 27, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    Look at the actual numbers

    A couple of posters here bash PHK practically every day. According to Yahoo, PHK was selling at $10.48 starting this year and the closing price today was $11.67. That is a gain of $1.19 or 11.4%! That is besides a monthly dividend of .121875 per share or $1.4626 for the year. Add the return and the dividend together and you get a very handsome return.

    Now there may be other funds they like better but they make themselves look foolish by continuing to bash PHK here day after day when it returns so much as an income producer even besides the nice increase in price this year.

    The can try to predict what will happen in the future but their guess is no better than anyone else.

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    • No one who has predicted outperformance (or even market performance) by a premium fund has every been right. Their guess IS worse than anyone elses.

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      • Blah de blah blah blah dannyboy. Oh, by the way, you are WRONG AGAIN on the impending dividend cut. Just as you have been WRONG for the past (how long is it now??? 5 years, as I recall.
        Seems that your jfouryou alter ego is really flooding the board with #$%$ now.
        Don't you ever get tired of typing out the drizzle he you spouts?
        Just an attempt to drive off anyone with a brain I suppose.
        How are the pgp short sales treating you now?
        Down about 10% plus p.i.l. plus borrow costs.... What a tremendous bet that one was.
        I'm off to better things now, like having the trade winds whiff through my hair. Great life you idiot short sellers have provided me. LOL

    • plus what do you care? you get to collect that dividend and the yield goes up as pps drops. You are welcome.

    • the reason they bash is because.............they r short and they want u to sell...........

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You didn't just see those lil chunks being sold off this morning? lol seriously?

        ummmn...once they start selling their shares many more are to follow for the simple fact many retirees talk to each other and all are whispering that BILL GROSS and his PIMCO team are just LOUSY!! :)

        You and I both know, the guy who recommended my to buy now lets me know he sold out because of disappointing peformance, that immediately triggers others to sell who bought on his recommendation. The Avalance had started, all many of you feel is that nice breeze until you realize you are in deep doo doo!!!

        Did Bill fire anyone for the lack of peformance, the FED is giving them a chance to exit and you should be looking to exit while demand is still there! When the FED does finally say enought, $8 and the PIMCO PREMIUM in the toilet.

        Retirees please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

        TIC TOC

    • YTD return is a standard metric especially at year end. You obviously know you can pick any date in a stock's history by selecting a starting date that will prove your point. That is disingenuous.

      If I was really touting PHK I could have picked March of 2009 when I bought PHK at $3.65 a share and now have a $8.02 profit per share in capital gains besides 58 straight months of .12875 a share dividend for another $7.07 in income. So that's about $15.09 a share profit on shares I bought at $3.65 a share.

      No doubt you have a lot of "Yes. but..." responses but this fund has provided me a very nice income for many years... notwithstanding your daily warnings about all its scars and warts.

      Why you spend so much time bashing this fund is a mystery to me. Maybe you think you have a big following that you feel compelled to warn as some sort of a community service or have some other reason. To me, all your efforts to discredit it so many times for so long for no discernible reason is pathological.

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      • Over the last approx 3 years, your return is ZERO. In March 2009 this was trading at a discount of 20% or so, now the premium is 50%---big difference and accounts for lousy CURRENT performance, and possible lousy future performance.

        No one has pointed out even ONE fund trading at a premium which has even matched their peers future performance over time, if this does it will be the first. And there are lots of examples of premium funds with lousy performance (cornerstone anyone??? and many others).

        I had and closed a profitable short position in phk after 2012 barrons article resulted in a big price drop.

      • it is a PONZI SCHEME STRUCTURE and the pseudo-journalists should be ashamed, along with the SEC for allowing this ENTIRE INDUSTRY to exist.

    • The world started Jan. 2013? I guess Jan. 2012 doesn't count? I guess the premium doesn't matter either? I guess the fees for under performance doesn't count either?

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