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  • The_Spaniard_II The_Spaniard_II Oct 20, 2000 1:12 PM Flag

    This company is one of a kind..

    They make the only product in the market that its
    able to save money for DSL access providers by
    automating the diagnosis of the copper wire in to the home
    and small business as well as enterprises. DSL is
    going to be the dominat broadband technology for the
    consumer and small business. At these prices this co. is a
    bargain. their growth is in the embrionic stages.

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    • Thanks for the post. TSTN didn't tank to 16 today so far seems a good sign to me.

    • Motley Fool article on how CMTN CEO deceived

      I can't even believe that TSTN would
      drop 50% after such bs... CMTN has 0 integrity, their
      relationship with LU has been toast due to competiting
      products, they failed to add any other major customers,
      they failed to penetrate international markets... this
      has always been a total disaster in the making. And
      CLEC consolidation probably hurts them, since they
      might even lose those accounts altogether to the
      incumbent DSLAM supplier.

      CLEC concerns had already
      been well voiced in the market (and priced into TSTN)
      until it was simply revealed that CMTN is run by
      crooks. If CMTN had blown up earlier, along with PDYN,
      TSTN would be fine right now...

      This is just
      simply mind boggling and unfortunate for shareholders in
      other DSL, especially TSTN which happenned to report on
      the same day...

      I still think TSTN could have
      issued more clarity either in cc or with a press release
      to try and clear the situation...

      Now TSTN is
      a completely dead stock... with no near term
      catalyst in sight.

    • I hope you are not saying that I am bragging. I
      still have over $10,000 loss on this baby. I just
      believe it will come back. This is the last week for the
      tax loss selling by the mutual funds. Earnings report
      seems okay so far for most companies. It will be very
      interesting to see what happened next week.
      Hope AMZN(no
      position), CPQ(no position), VERT(long)will have good
      earnings report tonight. I have my finger crossed.

    • if CMTN didn't fuck up, you wouldn't have your gains...

      Whether TSTN is going to suffer the same problems remains to be seen...

      go ahead and brag then.

    • Bought 400 at high 40s. Another 400 around 19-20 on the margin. Good enough.

    • Well, well. I've spent the last several weeks
      lurking as TSTN's customer base has shown the world that
      they have no money and no idea how to get any more.
      I've yawned through the tired posts about "It's MM
      manipulation", "This is the next CSCO", "Buy low, sell high",
      blah blah blah blah blah. I remember I called this a
      "Silicon Valley pump-and-dump scheme" when all the
      insiders were unloading and was called names (sob) for
      offering my wisdom to the ignorant masses. Well...I WAS
      lovin' life at 20?? Some of you longs, disclose your
      basis to us all and declare you're still long. Dare

      By the way, did the CC mention that Nokia, who
      represents 10% of total revenue, acquired a competitor?
      What, therefore, are the chances that this 10% will go
      away? Answer me this little flock.

      "In the bag."

    • Well.. hype aside, it seems like you might not be
      giving TSTN enough credit.

      While there is
      competition, TSTN's solution appears to be more advanced and
      more comprehensive....

      THey have also done a
      great job of diversifying their revenues
      internationally and by leveraging the Nokia

      It still seems like an ILEC could be

      At least the CFO has some confidence, making that
      10,000 share purchase toward the end of

      So u're no longer bullish on TSTN's future (its
      helpless stock price aside)?

    • You wrote, "TSTN is the only player that has a
      total local loop automation tool for DSL."

      only been around since the crash, but I started
      following TSTN based on this capability, talk to any telco
      type, this is a huge advantage for TSTN and a key

    • Totally agree.

      If you have any doubts, please read Goldman report posted by someone (2080-2083). TSTN dominates the loop management market.

    • Wrong again, you chust don't get it patches. TSTN
      is the only player that has a total local loop
      automation tool for DSL. Tollgate and the others only offer
      a patchwork of despirate sproducts that don't cut
      it in the DSL management arena. Wrong again on
      Copper Mountain. They are direct wanna be competitors
      not partners with TSTN. Your are not differentiating
      between POTS ISDN and DSL. There's a big difference when
      managing DSL circutis such as: bandwith, cooper
      capabilities, WEB Managemnt etc.. TSTN has this solution today
      thats why they are growing at over 500% a clip. TSTN is
      one of a king.

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