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  • hirsute_123 hirsute_123 Mar 11, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

    How will Japan affect markets?

    Now they're saying nuclear power plants have been affected and the second earth quake portends even more fright to Asian markets and possibly U.S. I don't think this affects PKT accept perhaps collaterally, but anyone know of any other U.S. stocks tied to Japan? If you haven't seen the footage, check Al Jazeera for live video, it's shocking and not ending soon.

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    • Re read your earlier posts.

    • Don't confuse my concern, with how I trade. I am buying today, but I am buying the guys who clean up the nuclear messes.

    • We have had turmoil in the Middle East plus horrible Earthquakes in both New Zealand and Japan recently and yet the S+P 500 is barely down 5%. I would have expected that if none of the previously mentioned events had not happened,a healthy pullback after a long and sustained run up.Certainly these events going on around the world will have consequences going forward but our stock market has been very resiliant so far and would indicate that the general concensus is that the U.S.will not be as seriously affected as you predict.It is the nature of the media to dramatise these events as much as possible to keep your eyes pinned on the printed page and T.V. screen. I remember very clearly your dire predictions for PKT when the reverse split was announced.I realised a long time ago that optomists generaly make a whole lot more money in the market than pessimists.

    • What is that you feel I am being too pessimistic about? You have no idea of what I'm trading. I am only putting out what I am hearing and seeing.

    • If you think oil prices will soar that high consider buying Canadian oil producers, they are close , safe and pay a good dividend.I do think the recovery may slow down and I also think you are way too pessimistic, but that is just my opinion.

    • I would say that is an understatement. Not only is the nuke crisis real, but the effects on the energy markets are tearing at the markets in general. I'm as concerned about what is going on in oil nations as I am about the hit nuclear industry will take. Japan is 5,000 miles off the coast here, but today that doesn't sound far enough. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain could cause gas to hit $10 bucks a gallon here and that is the double whammy. I tried to express this the other day, but apparently it sounds hysterical. I feel it is a modest comment.

    • Don't you think any potential customers are going to be pulling in their horns here?

      Never average down..

    • Looks like markets will tank on Tuesday. Uggh..... May be a great time to pick up more PKT though as new announcements are right around the corner. Peter, look for a new partnership in May :-)


    • It's always good to have some cash, I have been 20% in cash for the last few years and besides SIFY and PKT the rest is in various stocks,Funds and ETFs that pay a dividend of at least 5%.If the market tanks I will consider adding to those.

    • Cash can't be half bad right now. Not only is my wife better looking than me, she's also smarter and we both agree it's a good time to liquidate some positions. Good luck to all-I hope the market continues to rise-I still have a nice stake in PKT.

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