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  • petercohen33 petercohen33 Nov 25, 2011 8:35 AM Flag

    ACTG Acacia Research Corp

    For those of you looking for a great franchise that has been kicked to the curb and oversold in a huge way this has been a Dream / Feel Good stock for the last 2 years . I am intimate with this Company have followed it very closely for many many years. There last quarterly earning release was not to dissimilar to Procera's. This Company is unique one of a kind ; their Industry now is almost considered a Asset Class. Acacia has lost 1/3 of it value since late Oct for no fundamental reason their shareholder base is very institutional. ACTG is the preeminent enterprise when it come to PATENTS they are to go to Company if anybody Individual or Corporation has a valuable asset in the form of a patent and wants to maximize the value of that asset. Company will do there due diligence and if they deem that patent a valuable asset they will bring it in house leverage their legal expertise and maximize value & share in return for that patent asset. These guys have developed such a strong reputation that they are constantly inundated and very discerning about the relations they develop and the patents they bring in house. There institutional shareholder base must be going through redemption / margin call many could have been momentum types. It appears based upon the way this stock has overshot on the downside it hit the perfect storm. Definitely a name i feel comfortable bring to this boards attention. Only potential negative i have seen with this story is difficult to predict / give guidance quarter to quarter results are lumpy at times because of the way they generate revenues. This is a Great Company and a Great investment from this price. Historically very high beta i just have to believe it is a great time to start legging in.

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    • Yes. Amen but there are times when I still need to learn that

    • If there is one lesson I have learned from my own past experience, it is that patience is the investors best friend and if an opportunity is missed so be it, there is always another on it's way.

    • OCZ not COZ , KITD both these stocks have had and continue to have HUGE short position be aware of that. This market has caused short seller much pain over last several weeks could not happen to a better universe of speculators that being said when stocks move 30-50 in a short period of time i not going to recommend new purchases if you own good luck i pride myself on good entry points limited downside a entry at these levels changes potential downside completely especially with huge short position. PYMX that has moved 100% in 2 month i am sure there is considerable upside but the downside from these levels is also a different ballgame especially with important phase 2 results do out any day.

    • I respect that this is a Pkt board but maybe we could have one thread called "other investments" where we discuss other stocks?? I don't see the harm in that......

      I, for one, am constantly looking for new ideas and Peter please dont stop sharing.....even if u just post the stock symbol and nothing else.... Is there upside left n coz, Kitd, Pymx?????

    • I am right with you on being long strong and concentrated on Procera , todays tape was truely a thing of Beauty. The only analogy i can think of in reference to PKT is it has been like raising a child and always having confidence he or she would grow up / develop into a stand up self sufficient teenager / young adult. Having that child then exceed the highest of expectations than all of a sudden the most respectable Universities from all over the United States knocking on your door sending you letters expressing a interest in your child attending their University on their dime. There was only one stock i was aware of last year that outperformed PKT it was SIMO i have kept my i on that puppy all was good until about 1 week ago. I really get a sense the tape action we are witnessing reflects many significant initiatives we are not aware of . Some examples additional partnership , RFP's from large NA top tier Cable / Mobile Operators , accumulation / interest on the part of a potential corporate buyer , institutional players after doing their channel checks / due diligence realizing Procera is the real deal.When market was weak today we experienced very volume on selloff shareholder base is not tenuous longs are strong this stock wants to move higher.

    • Regretably I did not.I have quite a concentrated position in PKT and it might sound peculiar but I don't want to do anything to spoil my good "karma" by getting greedy until this position has been closed and profits booked.

    • Sloop all good i hear you brother , Ezndat was not familiar with RPXC but if ACTG reference moved you in that direction i am happy to hear that . Did you ever kick the tires on PYMX ?

    • Peter,
      I really do appreciate your suggestions and have been quietly following them.There may be some who would prefer staying strictly on topic but I for one welcome new ideas, especially from other posters whom I have gotten to know and respect, both for their insight and intellence. Please keep posting, if there are objections we could migrate to the recommended board to continue the discourse.Thank you again.

    • I appreciate those comments , i try to be very selective and timely , " entry point in my opinion is most important " in reference to sharing stock suggestions. I have put 4 names out there OCZ @ 5/6 , ACTG @ 28/30 , PYMX @ .60/.70 , KITD @ 8.50/9 based upon the results i would of thought i would of received more constructive feedback the lack thereof makes me feel that this message board prefers not going off topic ; not really looking to share ideas with a Community that has no interest. Have a pleasant weekend , thank u .

    • Peter,

      Thanks for posting about ACTG and shedding light on the patent space….I didn’t buy any ACTG but I was intreagued by the business and actually ended up buying RPXC instead at around 15 and today they were just tapped by Lucent to administer their patent portfolio….between this post and all the other posts that led me to buy PKT I feel like I should send you a Valentine present or something…LOL….

      Keep the posts coming and anyone that tells you that reading message boards is for idiots is in fact an idiot themselves…..

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