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  • petercohen33 petercohen33 Jan 31, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Our Current Reality

    Perception Rules , we are tied at the hip to a Pig named Allot. Just take a look at their price movement & message board this morning. The sooner JB & Team revisits the street and shows their hand the sooner Procera detaches and stand tall on their company specific merits...photonsculptor100 Procera growth space Data Data Data / Mobile Mobile Mobile and one day Cloud Cloud Cloud is refreshing & unique. Their balance sheet no debt & 125 million in cash along with new acquisition appears to position PKT for significant stand alone Global growth or to become a dynamic operating subsidiary of a larger Organization. One can always make excuses for why a companies share price moves lower or higher. Procera has been growing & executing as well as any company i am aware of , the industry they address is getting more mature and embracing their technology. Cap Ex spending is very visible & validating all the comments i just made ; multiple expansion is what PKT should be entitled to not contraction. Bottom line we are dealing with a stock / technical / momentum issue not a fundamental business / growth issue. Hopefully Feb 6th Stifel Conference can reeducate the steet and give both buy & sell side more confidence in the Procera growth story.

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    • Peter - I am not sure I fully grasped the context of the portion of your comments that were directed my way. Reiterrating that I am long, quite loooong, I am aligned with all of your above comments that underscore how healthy Procrea's business is in the present and forward looking. If there is any company that can match it, I would like to know. As we all do know, however, there can be big disconnects between a security, e.g. PKT, and the company that inderlies it, e.g. Procera. So most of the board's energy has been devoted to figuring out whether the recent drop in SP represents one of the unwarranted disconnects, or if it is justifyable based on some bad news that is hiding behind that mysterious dark curtain that always comes out at time like this.

      By definition, we don't know if there is anything behind the dark curtain so the only way we can spend our time is sharing theories and ideas based that might explain a disconnect between Procera and PKT. Based on timing of the drop in SP, it sure does seem likein this case the primary catalyst was an unwarranted sector level reaction to ALLT as a single member of that group ... the rotten apple syndrome. That ALLT driven, sector based influence is why my attention has been on their upcoming results as another potential catalyst, good or bad.

      Personally, while I recognize the profound swings that analysts can provoke, I think their observations come from the first four letters of their title most of the time. That said, I am hoping that they overshot with ALLT and that the results will not be as bad as expected. Yes, ALLT did lose business to Procera but that is already folded into the equation. I am not making any predictions either way, just hoping that some not as bad as expected results from ALLT can add to the potential conference related boosts that you mention above, Peter. As I mentioned in another post, I also believe that a lot of money has recently shifted into what are PERCEIVED as less risky, more common name investment securties having somewhat of an errosive effect on PKT.

      Again, more hoping than predicting, it would be great to get a sector level boost from less dire than expected ALLT results on top of reactions to next week's Stifel conference. We will see. I will predict, however, that when we do hear Procera's results the familiar JB announcement of a still improving outlook will make us chuckle at even the thought of a dark curtain. Finally, for my pilot friend who likes to give back seat flight after-the-fact directions, I will put a stake in the ground. More shares in the 16's and May covered calls at 17.5. See you in flight!

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      • U are clearly a asset to this board , at first i did not know if you were referring to alternate asset classes away from stocks that might attract $ for return. After reading your post a second time before putting pen to paper i was confident your were referring to stock but maybe more liquid big cap or other sectors that might offer greater returns. It was not too long ago that the buzz words for growth was Mobile / Data & Cloud as time goes by these 3 sectors have and appear to continue to be excellent growth spaces. I am aware that Procera small float , limited liquidity and market cap under 500 million is their achilles heel precluding the big boys from initiating a open market purchase. What is most frustrating to me and i am sure others is existing institutions who are long & strong could get their hands around this limited float and move this puppy where ever they want ; to see the opposite occurr in light of high level of execution / growth is caustic.

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