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  • mitch2bdog mitch2bdog Feb 6, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Ahhhh been waiting the return of old Whizhole...

    Now the #$%$ starts flying about scam and sell and .80's and .60's and so on. Kind of unusual how Whizhole shows up just at the time the Booobie sells 50% of his stake. Hummmm do I smell a moniker conspiracy going on here. Anyway Whizzeerr calm thy self down, there are too many catalyst going on and besides a small correction to even $1.00 doesn't phase the majority on this board as believe it or not they can add. Let's see millions of shares traded over the past two weeks and a move upward of +40% predicated on upcoming good news, out licensing and possible partnerships hmmm lets see oh yeah that equals sell right? Maybe in your mind, but I agree common sense say's maybe set some stop loss at say .98 or so to guard against major loss. Me I am sitting pretty with my 170k plus shares at .83 so please don't waste your time advising me or yelling that the sky is falling.... I will wait to see how the day and week shakes out and where we end up as we still need two more sessions to close over $1 for compliance, I will watching and I know you'll be bashing. Hey get your brother "wood4brains" out here to tell us how bad Soltamax is we're still waiting for his words of wisdom.

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    • Mitch2bdog wrote:
      "Hey get your brother "wood4brains" out here to tell us how bad Soltamax is"

      Using common sense one can see that Suckamox is pretty useless and is only needed by those that can not swallow a tiny 5 millimeter pill. Also, radiation and chemotherapy side effects are temporary. After a few weeks or months, sore throat goes away and patient can switch back to way cheaper generic tablets.
      So what is your rebuttal on how great Soltamox is, Mitch?

      DARA is risky speculative investment with a shaky products and pipeline at this point in time. DARA will release earnings for quarter ending December 2012 soon. My guess is that it will show embarassing Bionect and Soltamox revenue. Bionect was launched in June 2012 and did not show any revenue in quarter ending September 2012.

      Found some news that might explain the recent interest in DARA:
      1/22/2013 CEO and COO both filed Form 4 exercising stock options. Yahoo did not pick up the insider transactions.

      1/28/2013 Suckamox got some FDA reformulation or addition approved.

      Anyway, good luck on your speculative buy of DARA, Mitch, since you have a boat load of the stock. But I hope you realize that you are taking great risk. Hope you diversify else you could go to the poor house if your bet goes against you.

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      • And that's precisely my point you don't own a single share of this speculative stock but you speak of it as though you're shorting and hoping for bad things. As for my speculative bet, well it's risky and one could say foolish. However when I bank that cool six figure profit and fly our to play pebble with Boooobie I'll buy the first round. It's a public board and you have the right to post what you want too....however why is it always negative and why are you even posting when you don't hold a damn share? Explain your purpose? Are you here is to warn others about the boogie man in Soltamox? Are you going post positive things about Soltamox in due time when and if profits come in from the drug. Are you going to post positively about Soltamox for those women who can't swallow a pill and rely on the drug for thier treatment. No I don't think that its in your best interest, so I am sure you'll just bash away like Whizzhole.....Well you just enjoy that game if it suits you.

    • Hi Mitch , You are rite ...

    • Did you really just say that Mitch?
      Do you think that GW was behind 911 too?

    • Refreshing common sense post. Good for you.

      Hey, a ten-fold increase in average daily volumes over the past two weeks means there is obvious interest in the company and its potential. The share price moving from .76 up to 1.20 yesterday doesn't spell disaster. Pure common sense to assume that good news and potential game-changing catalysts are rapidly approaching. Now is not the time to sell.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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