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  • mitch2bdog mitch2bdog Mar 8, 2013 7:19 AM Flag

    Before the board gets inundated today

    Let me say that yesterdays spike in my opinion was nothing more than follow through. As the market churned higher over the last couple of weeks, DARA remained steady as we've all seen. I warned that MM couldn't hold her back much longer as his ammo is running low. The leash comes off and the big dog starts to run, this was easy to predict and I almost pegged it to the hour.. Anyway everyone is interested in whats next? Well so am I and I will venture to guess that its more of the same. I predict that we'll continue to churn higher based on four pieces of upcoming news.

    1) Earnings release
    2) News of Insiders increasing their positions
    3) ODD
    4) Patent grant on reformulation of KRN5500

    Next stop in my opinion is a re-trace to test $1.20, thus I don't feel that we'll hang around $1.09 very long and I am betting that we move up today and perhaps close at the high of the day because and I have said it in the last three week-end...No one should be short over a week-end as most news relative to partnerships and M&A activity is released over a week-end. Okay kiddies that is my 2 cents for the day so let's see how its played out. Oh and someone please put a leash on that moron Mameen or what the hell ever his moniker is...GLTA

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