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  • dara_the_bear dara_the_bear Jun 21, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Sorry fellas

    Once .63 broke I sold out just as I said I would if ACAD dipped to 17.50. Good luck.I'll keep a keen eye on it and maybe replenish my shares with some ATRS,ACAD and VXX profits. Oh and Mitch.You might have an eclipse this year to contend with while you are soaking up them Summer solstice rays. 208k Shares? You sure?

    Bear OUT!

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    • Correction 214k share and yes I am positive. Now that you've admitted your OUT of Dara and with a LOSS due to your trade transaction then you have very little need to continue to post here. When you come back to replenish I am sure you will do so at a higher price. Stay tuned like I said to whizzerrr should be a good summer for some and others not so......enjoy the time away from Dara and sorry about your lost money here but you didn't have to panic sell.....your decision

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      • Mitch...I'm only replying because you replied first.Your right.I no longer have a dog in this fight. I've been the up most honest with everyone of my calls and my history. I hate for the ones who bought in at my .66 "load the wagon" price. You Mitchy and Petey are FOS as a Christmas turkey.Both you clowns are on record for bragging(notice I did not say pumping) about your share count here well over a $1 and poor Pettey has a record of losing huge with TLON.Maybe others ought to take note about you two.Or now being DARA is in the 50's(and going lower) have! This is not manipulation as Petey says.It's investors realizing what I've been saying for weeks now and that is this management has a losing track record and products that no one is interesting in.And the insider buying is a complete joke just as all the other inside transactions as well.Yes I screwed the pooch sort of speak on my technical call.But I took my almost 2K lost and have moved on.Good luck here but I think this company is doomed and will be a OTC stock before year end unless of course they do the reverse split trick. Time to scat as the I've got to get lunch ready for almost 200 hungry work horses.

        da' Bear

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