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  • waterfallsparkles waterfallsparkles Aug 1, 2003 7:16 PM Flag

    Dear Bob Grush -The real Bob Grush

    Dear Bob,

    If you are monitoring the board I would just like to say that all of the regular posters here think the world of you. You have shared your information freely. You have spent your time helping other investors and posters. Please do not think that because someone is manipulating this stock that we think any less of you. Your followers are still you fans and followers. Last but not least you are in our thoughts and prayers with your recent loss.

    May God bless and keep you.

    One of your fans.

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    • Waterfallsparkles, for me this is a information board, I do not mind being bashed as I have told this board a week plus back that bashers were coming and to prepare.

      I have been warned on here and in my email that I would be a target, after all I am a easy target.

      being attacked is fine with me, I do not like having my name on every other post and because of that I have cut and pasted several post both here and on the WBR board where The imposters were posting. Yahoo asked me for proof and I gave it to them.

      I have also put them all on ignore in an attempt to return this board to a dynegy board.

      The last thing I want to say on this is that
      it is important that everything I post be tested to see if it is wanting. I say this because everyone can make a mistake and that includes me.

      I am not here to just answer question, I also want to learn new things from posters like you.


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      • Well said

        Here's a few questions to ponder.

        I'm no expert on these convertibles but note they are capped at 35% and not callable until 3/4/5 years from now dependent on each tranche. with first coupon payable date Jan. 2004 (which actually improve the guidance for this year, right?).
        To me this look like a re-confirmation of your earlier assessment that DYN will now be an earnings story rather than a value play.
        Presumably the downside of future dilution will become an unfortunate longterm overhang. But to be optimistic the lock-up periodes are nicely spread out giving DYN ample time to solidify the earnings story.
        Have you had time yet to assess the impact from the bond terms?

      • DYN will announce in the upcoming CC negative earnings for 2003. Pumpers have duped investors into thinking this was a healthy/viable company

        The grim reaper has arrived, you have failed this board miserably and yourself, you must leave and never come back. You will gain the respect of fellow investors if go immediately. Yes, disgraceful leaving this way, but at least you can keep some dignity.

        So much pain, so sad. The DYNslide is but just beginning, your fan club is alongside. In 2 weeks current share price will look like the top of Mt. Everest. I will ride this one down the slope.

        So sorry bagholders,

        The Prophet

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