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  • bargainbrucedyn bargainbrucedyn Oct 1, 2008 2:37 PM Flag

    Why DYN going down tubes

    Monday bought national city bank at $1.35 sold just now at $2.90 made 120 percent in 2 days

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    • Bargain,
      I got out of this stock a long time ago but it still is in one of my watch lists. I can not imagine that you still hold anything here but because your name seems to pop up a lot, I have to ask “ do you hold any dyn and if so why?”
      I understand why others hold this stock, its because they are too uninformed, too resistant to change and too proud to admit that they bought and held a looser.
      But you know it is a looser, so why be bothered by it?

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      • Bought some at $6.14 the day BW ponied up thought maybe he knew something we didnt then again at $5.14 to average my losses. now waiting on $1.00 to average down again then going to wait for LS Power guys to offer $3.00 a share in buy out. and maybe recoup my losses. I cant imagine those who have helt this since 9 dollars. It will never see that again. Will be hard for those LS Power guys to get out at price they got given to em at. How you can lose 700 million plus on hedges is beyond me. How anyone can think management has best intrest of stockholders at heart here is beyond me also when your stock is tanking day after day and all maanagement can say is we have 800 million in cash and we are going to keep it, at todays price they could buy over 200 million shares with the money. That would go a long way in helping future earnings if there ever is any.

    • what does your posting have to do with Dynegy?

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      • well fortunes are being made in the stock market For those keeping track this is the 17 th week of DYN being down. Just thought i'd let you know. Also this is start of new quarter and its not looking any better which is a bad sign. Wouldn't you think management would at least threw you a bone? 50 million dollars for what? you are trading lower then you were 5 years ago.

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