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  • hanovk hanovk Nov 30, 2006 4:49 PM Flag

    Crystal Ball Time

    It's that time of year again, one remaining month to go and the question for all of you is what will the closing price of JSDA be on Friday, December 29, 2006. Come on all of you optimists and pessimists, dreamers, and bashers. Now's the time to make you prediction and state your reasoning. Put your best number forward or forever hold your peace! Post your choices under the above topic no later than December 8th and enjoy the benefits and bragging rights which will inure to the claivoyant amopng us at the closing bell on December 29.

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    • Quick reminder..check you numbers on Friday...glad I was wrong..I had $10.38 a share

    • With three day left to trade in 2006, jsda closed at $12.84, $.74 above jusdoit91's prediction of $12.10 and $.92 below salmonguys_id prediction of $13.76.. Will Jones show a strong sprint to the finish or will it fade from fatigue as the finish line approaches? We shall see.

    • As we head for the finish line, justdoit91 is on the money with a prediction that JSDA would close at $12.10 when the market closes on December 29, 2006. We'll see what happens b/w now and then. In the meantime, good luck to all who ventured a prediction. Hanovk

    • $15 by end of 2007.

      I know you wanted end of 2006 but I was never good at following rules.

    • Well ladies and gentlemen, my crystal ball gazing suggests that despite the optimism expressed in your prognostications, it is likely that JSDA will close the year below $10.00. Actually, my bet is somewhere b/w $9.65 and $9.85. You see the current $10.00 price already reflect the market's anticipation of Peter's long awaited announcement(s). As December 31, approaches, the failure of an actual announcement emerging will lead to a sell-off. Investor fatigue over holding in anticipation of something which has not materialized. Of course, most of us know that ultimately more deals for JSDA will emerge lending credence to the long term efficacy of the brand. However, my friends, I do not believe it'll happen in time to keep us over $10.00 per share by year end. Hanovk

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      • chancellor_of_the_exchequer chancellor_of_the_exchequer Dec 20, 2006 4:49 PM Flag

        Today was good, with volume 50% above average. We are at 10.65 now. Only a few trading days left in the year. There is a sense that a big annoucement will be made after the first of the year. I think there will be some momentum in advance of the expected announcement. Therefore, I am predicting that we shall see a 15% rise in price between now and December 29---with a price of 12.24 by or at that date. While some may consider this to be overly optimistic, it is only 1.59 above where we are now. We went up .56 today alone. Three more days like this one and my prediction will be met. If this happens, I shall be particularly pleased, as will everyone on this Board except for the shorts, who will be seeking to visit with Jack Kevorkian when he is paroled.

      • Hey homey,

        Obvious you have "crystal balls"...while the longs have "meat balls".

        Merry Christmas, see you at the soup kitchen. I'll dish out some extra gruel for you!


      • Oh how unlucky for you that you missed your own deadline... unfortunately, that invalidates your opinion, however erudite, dear friend. Better luck next year chum... happy holidays buddy o pal...

    • I see a lot of people saying some pretty high prices....I sure hope it hits that high...means this little stock made me some good money!

      I would guess a little higher than here...maybe $10?

    • $11.27

      Is there a "prize:?

    • I think it will be 16 dollars.

    • Oh how fun. I'll come out and play.
      Without viewing the other posts first I'll say this.
      If I hold my tongue just so, while standing on my right foot, (the one without the ingrown toenail on the fourth toe) my crystal says $13.76 based on an imaginary triangle.
      And WITHOUT Walmart! I say Walmart is bad, bad news! I know this will bring out Ben and couple others since we had this arguement at RB back now at least two years ago.
      People around me vote with their feet and say "Yes!" to Wally but I think they'll find a way to screw us. Or rather Petey. Bend him over like a French whore with a drunken sailor they will!
      So Peter will say go pound sand, like he did to, who was that? I must be getting old. I think I recall it was Albertsons.
      But there will be news on the non-Walmart grocery end. Big news! Like several of the biggest grocery chains because competition is alive and well.
      Rock On Jones!

    • As we enter the 1st of Dec, JSDA is poised to run to test the highs of a month ago 10.35. If JSDA blows thru 10.35 with 2 to 3 times the avg vol, we will see a test of the highs at 11 and change. 12/29/06 12.10

      Long 10K

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      • Sure, a contract with Walmart would be huge for the 2007 rollout, but I am not going to cry if it isn�t announced in December. In my opinion, it is a foregone conclusion�..Not if, but when. Walmart is not going to sit idle and watch it�s 2 biggest competitors stock a hot product like Jones that really connects with consumers. Walmart, is a cutthroat competitor and if anything, I could see them providing more prominent space to Jones than Target/K-mart.
        For now though, I�d be content with 2-3 major chains such as, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, etc. to get 07 kicked off. This month should be fun for longs as deals WILL be announced.

        Here's a link to the top 50 supermarket chains [i.e., potential canidates]. Everyone is hung up on Walmart, but if we land 2 or 3 other top grocers, we will be sitting just fine.

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