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  • np46163 np46163 Jul 28, 2007 4:48 PM Flag

    End of the Tape Friday

    Did anyone notice the last 1-2 minutes of Jones' tape on Friday? A last second spike in volume and it went up, up, up. Any theories here? I also agree that it seems hard to believe Jones will miss this quarter. Sales have to be up much more than costs. And if (and I don't think they will) they were to miss, longs can be rest assured that sales will be phenomenal third quarter.

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    • look at q-1 revenue and q-1 earnings. they were not that bad. Instead of expecting 3 cents, it was nil to the positive side. With no debt and expanding the way they are, this was one of the worse over-reactions to a near miss I've ever seen. The shorts have been in control of this puppy since. As soon as they report positive earnings and people realize that the growth is for real, this puppy will fly. This is gonna make hansons look like a b-rated movie. There are way to many short shares here, and the squezze is gonna be horrific, and when the institutions see this happening they will pile on. For three days you will see huge gains.

    • PVS said "Q2 is the one to watch" We're all eyes and ears now. Lets get to Thursday quick and see what's up.

    • PVS didn't give us any idea that expectations were to be lowered last quarter. Guidance was never lowered for last quarter. That is the part that I don't think is right. For this quarter he did have a conference call with Piper Jaffrey and they kept their $31 price target.

      The 120 day rollout, must have already been priced into the earnings. No one has lowered earnings expectations for this quarter. They did mention during the conference that the soda was selling better than expected and being pulled from the shelves.

      We've all done our local channel checks to see if they are selling well, and we've seem to get very positive answers about Jones soda.

    • I am curious about what your "take" was on any PVS comments PRIOR to the fabulous earnings release in March 2007, the bummer release in May 2007, and any prior releases. I started following the stock afterward and so I am missing this piece of history. Was he fuzzy before the releases, lowering expectations? Was there anything that gave you special insight into what to expect? Obviously I'm trying to correlate this to what I heard on the Piper Jaffray conference and the FM segment over the past 2 months.

    • Not Lose, I really wish I understood options, I would feel like I was trading like a Big Girl! I shall study or find someone close and in person to explain and walk me thru... Why not. It's only money... We either have it or we don't...

    • I may buy them next qtr as well if I can get them cheap. All I need is for the stock to go up 25 cents or so to pay for the puts that I bought.

    • what's up with cvs and walgreens not having any jones drives me nuts i work at walgreen and get mad everyday looking ay the other vitamin drinks and stuff like that.....why are they not in these stores...

    • that's right. Even God rested on the 7th day ; )

      I'm seeing the product in more and more places every day. It's just a matter of time.

    • I am completly with you on every point about and I was just pointing it out. You need to try and go tommorrow without getting on these boards. You really have worked too hard like many of us. I am just as disappointed about the prs. I just hope that in a year Walmart will have cans, bottles(glass and plastic), 24c, Naturals, Jones Candy, and Organics.
      What would our eps be then? LoL

    • Not Loose, Since you bought your puts I will piggy back on you! In theory because you bought the put's we will have great success in the stocks. LOL,,,, It sure can feel like that huh??? If that's the case buy those put's everytime!!

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