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  • rmm3165 rmm3165 Dec 9, 2007 2:37 PM Flag

    Jones sighting

    I saw Jones cans in my local grocery, but they were on the bottom shelf and there were only 5 or six twelve packs. No, it didnt look like they were flying off the shelf and thats all that was left. The shelf space for bottles seems to shrink by the week. I went to two Walmart super centers and one didnt carry Jones (I asked) and the other didnt have Jones in the beverage section, but did have a half pallet (still shrink wrapped) by the ladies clothing section. Is this the way to launch Jones in cans, on the bottom shelf and in ladies clothing? Still dont have a position. This stock will go lower until profits appear. All you longs can hope for is maybe some sort of short covering to try and dump some shares. I might be a buyer in the 3 to four range, otherwise forget it.

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    • A blast from the past

    • U will buy at the $3 or $4 range?????? Its quite a simple decision for U than!, U'll never own one single share of JSDA. There will be no need for u to track jones inventory at Walmart or Albertson or wherever. You can save yourself gas money and use it to spruce up the doublewide.

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      • That's right. I'll never own jones as long as they keep up their idiocy. When I hear some news that might indicate a turn around, I'll buy. Any of you smart people want to gloat how you were so smart and bought Jones in the teens or ten or eight?? I thought not. Right now there has only been a management change. They have to do more than just release some press notices. I might lose a few points on the way up, but thats better than losing most of my investment on the way down. In my opinion, its kind of late to short and no reason other than blind hope to go long. Yes, they signed another stadium (the NJ mets was it?), but thats two years away and they wont tell anyone how much they paid for the rights. How will all of you feel if you find out they have to sell an ocean of Jones to just break even on the deal? As for the Ahole who posted the note about kids. That never crossed my mind, why are you thinking about something as sick as that? Having some fantasies are we?

      • I didn't say I was tracking Jones anywhere. I shop for groceries in general. I own Jones and am in the hole. Had a couple of hours for amusement. These posts are entertaining.

    • Need I say more???>

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    • I think Walmart keeps some of their food products shrink wrapped and in the clothing section for a reason. That's their business model. Make products inaccessible to the shoppers...wouldn't want to make a profit! How silly to even report that such an absurdity exists. Something more believable would make more sense..funny. Creative writing class might help.

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      • Yes, I made it all up. I confess. I'm really short on a million shares of Jones so please sell all your shares so I can cover at a lower price. No, wait, I'm really long a million shares. Please buy so the price goes up and I can get out at a profit. Go do your own research. Walk into a store. Find out who is responsible for beverages and ask them how Jones is doing. Thats what I do. What? Walmart and Jones have cornered the market on marketing brains? If Jones is so smart, how come the stock is in the crapper and the CEO is leaving. Maybe what I see at my local Walmart is a small indication of how the can roll out is a fiasco. Maybe having a pallet of Jones in an area having nothing to do with beverages give Jones an edge (ie. Coke and Pepsi arent around to distract you). Why would I make that up when any idiot (including most of the people on this board) could go to their own Walmart and do the same thing I did. Get your head out of your ass, visit some stores and do some real research. Thats what kept me out of this stock when Cramer was pumping it in the teens.

      • Well, after a hopeful sudden burst of products onto shelves in October, it does seem like the products are now just dying out on the shelves, as if no one cares and this has concerned me. I've seen where the retailers are being slowly depleted of the product and not being replenished at all. This also might be a seasonal thing as this is the low season for the soda industry and it might be a matter of they are waiting until next Spring or Summer to start re-stocking and re-shelving the Jones products. I have no idea, my only fear is that some of the retailers are fed up with Jones lack of distribution efficiency and might be canceling their deal with Jones or deciding not to carry Jones going forward. I hope that is not the case, but it seems as if Jones has stopped dead in its tracks until they bring on a new CEO and COO in 2008, and then we'll see where this is going to go. Since this is the direction they've decided to take, they REALLY need to bring on two genius executives to fill those positions who also have a strong passion to make this all work and succeed going forward.

    • Tell your hedgie boss your going to be fucked soon..if you dont cover.

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