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  • digital_orifice digital_orifice Apr 15, 2010 6:42 PM Flag

    JSDA shares 'restricted' at Scottrade

    relates to a compliance issue which they will not divulge, known or online orders, must be placed with broker.

    meanwhile Schwab has JSDA as HTB none or few shares available to short.

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    • Hmmmm....look at the two words of his post= 'bank it'

      Sounds just like the Hemorrhoid....could it be???

    • I am standing pat. I will watch the turnaround, with a lot of shares this time. I've been a millionaire twice, lost it both times, so here's to 'the third times the charm'.... Look at the CEO's credentials, look at the fact they had 2 low ball offers that meant nothing. Look what the new CEO has done in less than 30 days. Read the news from the last 30 days. Do your homework and you will come to the conclusion that you may want to add more shares as the price continues to go up. This company has been so hated, so abused, and now is in a turnaround phase that is going to be very profitable for those willing to gamble on a dollar stock. No delisting, no reverse splits, no dilution as of this posting. I realize that not is all as it may appear. I still see a financing deal that may not be wholly good news for shareholders. However, that being said, we are not selling to big red, or to Reeds. The board finally woke up and did something that was long overdue. They got rid of ricci ricardo, and got a real CEO. Someone to lead this back from the brink of death, to who knows. Look at the news just by itself today. Additional space in stores, yes slotting fees, but will it generate more revenue? Lets give it another quarter and see....Some of the less profitable items have already been weeded out, look at what o'brien said: We do not see any additional moves down on the revenue side. I, like so many others would appreciate more tranparency, and I think we are seeing it, on a slow basis. Keep those shares and watch it climb. If you try day trading this and get caught out in the cold at the close, the very next morning you could be looking at a 10, 20 or even a 50% jump overnight, with any news. The stock price is no where close to where it should be right now. I also look for insider buying right after the release of Q-1 figures. The figures will be bad, no doubt about it. But after those figures are released, I look for massive insider buying as soon as the blackout ends. I've made some pretty bold calls the last couple of months and this is one more: Massive insider and institutional buying, and a $3.00 target by june 1. bank it.

    • I dont know of anything that hasnt been covered in a press release or on this board.

    • restricted stocks at scottrade are total bullshit, has nothing to do with the company.
      nrgx.ob is restricted, totally legitimate company. the bullshit reason i've been given is it's for my own protection that i have to do a phone trade on some stocks so "they can identify me". negates the whole reason to have an online broker. i've yet to find another broker that admits to a restricted list.

      just shitty security imho on behalf of scottrade. they are afraid someone will steal your acct# and password, sell all your stock, then buy thinly traded and/or cheap stock(s) that they have bought in their own accts with another broker, driving up the price. cheap stocks that have had a rapid move fit that profile.

      ask your local office when scottrade will spend the money to offer one time password tokens or improve their login security. i have changed internet providers and changed computers and neither time did scottrade challenge me at login, so they sure aren't checking your IP address.

    • I would not be a bit surprised to see a million shares shorted for 4-15-10. we'll have to wait 10 days to find out. I wonder how soon it will show up on the non compliant list? I wonder how much naked shorting has been done here?

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      • None. No reason to risk like that when its going up. It might spawn a short squeeze on whatever is out. It's all manipulated and it's too many unknowns that will drive it higher if they become known.

        It's funny today we close at .95 and that was same candlestick painted over ask on Tuesday, now becoming support. Obviously the hidden bid is higher than anyone expected. The market looks like it says it wants to get 1$ and solid verification of listing on nasdaq might even drive it higher.

        Also, what do you think of the idea that the unknown bidder is actually a private company who would merge to keep the jones inc. and their X brand. Semi cheap shell entry and previous product awareness.

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