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  • redoctober995 redoctober995 Nov 10, 2011 4:33 PM Flag



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    • Trying to bury the string of posts showing you screaming how you are positive the company will show no cash on hand at the end of the fourth quarter.

      You were calling for about 50 bucks, I said close to 2 million and they ended up with 1.7 million.

      It is not very difficult to see how much you missed by.

      Keep posting and using caps and exclamation points and maybe you will be able to convince yourself and your mommy that you were calling it right all along. LMFAO

    • The reality is that at the end of the third quarter Jones had

      2.858 in cash and equivalents on their books.

      That is the exact point and dollar amount that the discussion started with.

      500 posts will not change the facts!!!! ROFLMFAO

    • we were talking cash not cash and cash equivilants

      you blew it doggy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      you said 2 million and no need to raise cash until Q4 ....

      TICK , TOCK

    • Nutjob,

      Another call missed by a mile.

      Were they closer to 2 million in cash and equivs or well under a million as you were screaming for.

      Your understanding of cash flow couldn't fill a thimble.

    • Your number was not a million.

      Based on your stellar figures you were calling for less than 100,000.All anyone has to do is go back and look at your earlier posts in this thread to see that.Once again I have never argued that they are not burning cash,only the point at which they will run out.

      Why the back peddling all of a sudden??

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jan 21, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

      what you don't seem to grasp is i don't need to look at inventory or a/r accounts to see how much cash jones has ,they are spending close to 3 million per quarter and making less than a million...DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

      close to a 2 million loss coming .06

      and they had 2.9 in cash/equivs at the end of Q3

      my estimate is less than a million going in to Q1 and im fine with that estimate..

      your estimate is 2 million

      when they release the numbers we will see how important your can counting skills helped you and how it will saves jones ..

      and doggy i got to ask, did you start counting cans before or after becoming a baggie????

      because it's hard to believe your a baggie with your can counting skills....

      and my calls on running out of cash in the past was spot on thats why they diluted and now have a credit line...if that didn't happen jones would be out of buisness allready..FACT!!!!

      TICK , TOCK

    • Keep trying to spin out to a different argument.

      The only argument in this thread regards how much cash will be on the companies books on Decembers 31.

      You keep trying to spin it into something else all you want.

      It means one of two things, either you are not able to follow the logic or you just want yell that the company will show 50 dollars on the book even though you realize you are wrong.

      That would fit perfectly into you constantly claiming that more shares were issued than were,cash was burning faster than it was and of course my favorite that it was a "FACT!!!!" that the company would not be able to raise money before they ran out of cash,which of course they were going to run out of before December 31. LMAO

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jan 21, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

      "Topline revenue is not the only indicator of cash coming in."

      yea how about dilution and a credit line as your indicator ..DUMBO!!!!!

      keep counting your cans and taking the long way to see how much cash jones has and how long they will last...

      your seem very worried about it ..

      .06 loss coming get over it..

      and no cash for ramp up to 2012 season..

      TICK , TOCK

    • No can counting being done shortbus.

      Topline revenue is not the only indicator of cash coming in.

      The top line revenue goes to accounts receivable and only the money collected from AR goes to the books.If a company is coming out of a busy quarter and going into a slower one a company usually brings in more cash than the top line revenues as they are collecting cash from the prior, higher revenue story.

      On the other end of the equation if they ship soda from the existing inventory and draw down inventory it puts no pressure on the cash position.

      Most companies bring down both the inventory and AR number during their slowest quarter.If you are unable to grasp the reality of this and are stuck in using models that are so simple that you will not get accurate results you cant be helped.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jan 21, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

      doggy , if you want to count cans thats up to you ...

      you don't have to .....

      if your gross profits don't pay your expenses your cash will fill the void ...

      that void for Q4 is .06 loss assuming the SGA is about the same as Q3 2.8 million and 25% margins ...

      the SGA expense should increase if jones was serious about their 650% growth story , and lower margins would result in a bigger loss

      no matter how you look at it jones days are numbered ....they are years away from being profitable and have 2 million for 2012 if they meet the requirements to withdrawl from their credit line...

      2 million or 1 million going in to Q1 really doesn't matter ,1 million will only buy jones 1 more month .. and they still have no money for the ramp up to 2012 season...unless you think they have plenty of inventory ...LMFAO!!!!

      TICK , TOCK

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