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  • basehit123 basehit123 Mar 26, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    The Word of Meissner:


    Well, in looking at those specific companies, AAPL wasn't always the best tho. In 98, HPQ was ~38 and DELL was ~20, while AAPL was .....~7. If you believed however that it had potential, you did quite well.

    For PETM if I remember correctly, it had some pretty good cash struggles of their own going on where not only growth, but survival were questionable. Petco and another one were also struggling. Did one know at the time that PETM would be the primary survivor and be where it is today? Not me. There was potential, but also questions of concern.

    Look what Hanson's was prior to 2004 vs what it is today. And they were also going up against the major beverage companies.

    What can Meissner do and to what potential if any? Can he come up with some revolutionary beverage like a Monster? Don't know yet as far as I'm concerned. However, because of his past experience in being part of building Fuze and Sobe, I do think he is capable of vision and execution. Are the products worth a $billion? To that I would say unlikely, but is he smart enough to go get a decent size piece of the pie? Yeah, I think so, because he's done it.

    I would have been nice to see better results to date, but also didn't expect it to happen over night either. Will the cash last? Don't know. Will further dilution be in order? Appears likely, but he does seem to be sensitive to that. Will a reverse split be in order? I think it depends on Q2 and Q3 before we know for sure, but others obviously feel it is emminent.

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