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Jones Soda Co. (JSDA) Message Board

  • jsda_trader jsda_trader Jun 30, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    Whats worse, a R/S or pinksheets or amex

    All things considered, such as cost structure, liquidity, abilility to raise money, etc. I have to think delisting is the lessor of the two evils.

    Most the stocks that I have followed, after a R/S, drift lower.

    I also understand it costs as much as a million dollars per year, just in compliance costs, to maintain a listing. Legitimate comments on this would be appreciated.

    To take it one step further, does JSDA delist completely, and no have SEC reporting requirements, or does Jones list on the amex, and pubicly file with the SEC?

    I cant see this company spending a lot of money we dont have to maintain a NASD listing...what say you?

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