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  • Flourface Flourface Jul 24, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    pare down the flavors for one thing


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    • Cut back to 6 UNCONVENTIONAL flavors and WORK the everloving SHLt out of them - PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!!

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      • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jul 28, 2012 7:15 PM Flag


        "Cut back to 6 UNCONVENTIONAL flavors and WORK the everloving SHLt out of them - PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!! "

        promote with what capital DUMBO!!!!!!!!

        jones never had the required capital to compete on a national level...

        i remember their 10 million ad campaign for the national can launch it got them 1 day of news paper coupons for a dollar off a 4 pack during presidents day .....

        10 million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        no wonder your a baggie you moron....

        jones is done

        TICK , TOCK

    • Not really. The new Whoopass tastes like bad wine or something. The old one was way better. Also there was alot of buzz about Jones Energy in 2007 I was shocked to see that scraped it.

    • Meissner tried to accomplish {at JSDA} what he claimed to have accomplished elsewhere. This failed but more important is that the product failed -- they were about 3 years or so behind the move to more authentic, natural products. He tied his wagon to the fuure of the energy drink but the obstacles were insurmountable. The twilight of the co. is here. There may be nothing left of any value soon...

    • they think it is so cool that the labels are different. they think it is one of the key things that make them a "cool" brand. they can not understand what is taking so long for the market to realize how cool they are. i also noticed that there is a real shortage of flavors in the market. tough to find any flavors other than typical ones. they know the real demand is for zany flavors. people will switch from coke to superberry crunch if only given the choice.

      hence a 28 cent stock. but you know, the broader market is doing so poorly as well. what with the S&P near an all time high.

    • Are you guys kidding me? The labels are a bonus in my opinion, but not that big of a deal. They always had distribution problems with the sodas and keeping accounts. They would run out of flavors all the time at Kmart and never restock them for months at a time.

    • that's exactly what the last ceo said he would do... but he didn't do it. he gave a good speech at some investor conference saying the new focus would be on grape, orange, root-beer, drpepper-like, coke-like soda, and the whoopdeedoo whoopazz... with the intent to drive sales volume and compete with coke & pepsi. it was his strategy for getting jones acquired. but now it's too late for jones. a retooling of the product mix affect that glorious distributor channel they wasted so much time & effort to build. it also means more capital raise is needed to rebrand & market the new line, etc. sorry, but this new cfo/coo/ceo is all about cost cutting to survive and maybe to preserve what she can long enough to find a buyer for the liquidation of jones. someone may buy the rights to popular flavors, but the company itself cannot survive much longer. if you think it can, get ready for a massive capital raise or selling asset-secured bonds that effectively wipeout shareholder equity. summer beverage season is almost over. only three choices ultimately remain once the new chief cuts to the bone: 1) bankrupcy, 2) buyout, 3) massive dilution. gl

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