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  • blow_eye_lash_wish blow_eye_lash_wish Aug 1, 2012 9:54 PM Flag

    I'm only down 89.9% how are you all doing?

    2013 is our year!!! Go Jonesy!!

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    • If this stock would double a couple of times, I'd be right there too. One day I will start writing off losses for years and years.

    • you don't know the cost basis for those shares DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!

      and theres more than 15k to be gained riding jsda to 0.00 with the current shares shorted..

      NO CAPITAL GAINS DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yeah your cost basis is 35.00 LOL


      You are making a call for sales to drop 20 percent with continued bleeding of cash.All of the shorts only have 15000 dollars shorted.

      If that number comes in the stock will drop over 20% easily from the current .29 and there is a little more than 15,000 put in play.

      If you already made millions from shorting over and over at the highs and getting out on the dips where is the money to put into the trade?

      You constantly belittle people for the size of their trades and what do you have shorted 100 bucks???? ROFLMAO

      Go big money Go big money. Remember to have mom cut the crust off of your sandwiches. LOL

    • you are the you try to spin to try and make it look like you knew what you were talking about...

      you don't know the cost basis of the short shares....DUMBO!!!!!!

      those shares were not shorted the day that info was released or at the current pps idjiot

      if you took your 2 week old short share info and shorted that many shares at the current pps you could only make 15,000 DUMBO!!!!!!!!

      what does that have to do with the existing short shares?????????? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

      your short value and how you got your short value means nothing in reality , maybe it means something in your delusional sugar world as you try to convince yourself theres only 15,000 that shorts will make and call another bottom....LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

      keep swinging for the fences with your 43% sales


    • Money that has been made in the market has already been made

      The total amount that can be made off of existing shorts at this point is less than 15 thousand dollars .The total value of the shares is 15 thousand dollars, that is the total possible gain on the short from today.If the call is for a 20% drop in sales and continued high bleeding you think you would be willing to re-invest some of that vast wealth. LOL

      The song remains the same Go big money Go big money

      Still claiming your millions in gains???? ROFLMAO

      Whatta putz

      By the way if you bought Apple when it was at 3 you could have made a gazillion, what insight.

    • wrong DUMBO!!!!!

      your the one who is upset because you keep losing money while im making money....

      you are still cluless on how shorts make money...FACT!!!!!!

      "The fact of the matter is at the current price and the number of shares short in the last report the maximum that can be made hare by all of the shorts even if the stock goes to 0 is about 15,000 dollars."

      if the 45k shares shorted where shorted at 32.00 a share the maximum that can be made is 1,440,000.00 DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

      keep crying that the amount short is based on the current PPS , your embarrassing yourself and don't even know it...

      and you must be back at your parents spare bedroom seeing how you have never made 1 dime on jsda ever!!!!!!


    • You are squirming like a fish to try and convince people you are big money. LOL

      You have already repeated over and over that you have made millions on the trip down in this stock all the way from 35.

      The fact of the matter is at the current price and the number of shares short in the last report the maximum that can be made hare by all of the shorts even if the stock goes to 0 is about 15,000 dollars.

      For someone who is claiming they have made a mint from the trip down and is expecting a 20% drop in sales with continued huge cash bleed you would think you might have the resources to put a few more dollars towards the short position.

      With the short volume dropping the tide has gone out and shows the real size of your potential investment and my response to that has not changed at all.

      Go big money Go big money!!!!!! ROFLMAO

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Aug 3, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

      "The dollar value is based on the last date the data was reported for."

      the way your trying to figure out the value of short shares only means how much the shorts are making the lower the number the more money the shorts are making ....DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      keep crying how little the current value is as if the shares were shorted that day

      pretty soon you will be able to say the current value is 0.00 and the shorts have 0.00 money behind jones....


      and if anyone followed your lead or advise they would be a delusional baggie just like you keep spinning to justify your losses ....


    • lol. extra bedroom. lol.

      "i made money shorting" lol.

    • Once again trying to spin to confuse.

      The dollar value is based on the last date the data was reported for.

      The market value is the real dollar amount of money at risk today, not some magical unicorn representation that got in and out at the perfect time every time the stock moved over the last ten years.

      All anyone has to do is look at the moves you called for this year to see how poorly you performed this year if you followed your own advise.

      Don't worry keep claiming your genius as you post from your parents extra bedroom, no I mean your private island. ROFLMAO

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