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  • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Aug 3, 2012 8:02 PM Flag


    your taking the latest short share info and multiplying it by the current PPS and this tells you what ??????????

    and then this info is used for what ????????


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    • Going back to keeping the lies simple?

      If you do that and keep it simple you won't look as clueless and will get in trouble much less.

      It is probably a good move for you.

    • if you keep repeating yourself you might actually believe your B.S

      go big baggie !!!!!! go big baggie!!!!!!

    • You claimed that you bough at 32.50 and will not be paying taxes as you are waiting for the stock to 0 out.

      That was the reason you claimed that there was only 15000 dollars worth of shares shorted in the last report, because your price point was so high.

      you really should think before you post.

      I'm sure the 32 dollar price point makes the dollar amount seem high,but riding it all the way down only gives a 100% return over 4 years or 18% a year or 1/2 of the total return for anyone that bought Reeds 6 months ago. LOL

    • your just talking out of your arrse i never claimed i made only 1 short trade at 32.00 and have been riding it to 0.00

      keep making shiattt up everytime i show how stupid you are... DUMBO!!!!!!!!

      go big baggie !!!!!! go big baggie!!!!!!!!

    • The problem you have is you do not know when to shut up.

      If you had been closing out short positions on the dips and going back in on the pops you could have a very high return, but your own claim is that you shorted at the very top and have not changed the position at all.

      Time continues to lower the return on this trade after a very good first year or so.

      Number one if you have not moved out of the position at all the maximum return over 4 years would be 100%,it is in the high 90s right now.

      Taken over 4 years using the simple math rule of 72 and the annual return drops to 18% and the longer the position stands the lower the annual return goes.

      It was you not I that claimed that you have been siting on the same position since the very top (yeah right) and are still in it to avoid taxes.

      All I did was the basic math.

    • it is a fact jones hit 32.60 no matter how hard you try to claim it didn't or you were not around back then....yea right!!!!!!

      and no matter how hard you spin facts to denie your a baggie as you keep talking about the money i made shorting jones with my spot on calls year after year, and it was much greater than 30% a year....FACT!!!!!!

      you will continue to lose the rest of your money as you keep buying in to the sugar dreams protected by safe harbour.....

      thursday you will lose more money as you cross your fingers for a 43% increase in get back a small fraction of your losses.

      go big baggie!!!!! go big baggie!!!!!


    • If I was actually on the board when the stock peaked I would have remembered the high point.

      I did not see that price point when I looked back, but that does prove what a delusional idjut you are.

      Why would someone who had been around for the high ask you to point it out?

      You really are trying to create a fantasy worlds, one can only guess in place of a real one that does not live up to your expectations.

      I'm sure all of the other anonymous people on the board are in awe of your claim of a 30% return a year over the last 4 years on the stock, despite the fact that your calls after the fact in no way match your claims in advance.

      15000, you are a whale of a trader. LOL

      Go big money bGo big money

    • i just looked it up and it shows open /closing and high data ....

      on april ,16th 2007 jsda hit a high of 32.60


      and i can still remember you pumping jsda that day saying it was going to 100.00 when you were trying to start your jsda millionaires club and then you keep calling bottom after bottom all the way down ....

      go big baggie !!!!!!!!!go big baggie!!!!!!!!!

    • are you trying to say jones never hit 32.00

      if your going to use historical data to spin facts maybe you should better educate your self on what your looking at the stock hit a high of 32.50 if i remember correctly in 2007

      the reason your historical data won't show the high is because it is not a closing price ...DUMBO!!!!!!!!

      wrong again

      nutjob = 37456903745667798999

      dognutz = 0.000000000000000000


    • You really do believe that if you keep repeating something often enough people will believe it don't you?

      When exactly were you able to short the stock at 32.00

      If your gonna make s up you might want to get your historical pricing right. LOL

      Go big money go big money.

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