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  • dmxistheshit dmxistheshit Aug 9, 2012 11:23 AM Flag

    Conf. Call.

    Well, well, well....another quarter, another conference call. I have a hard time getting myself excited anymore for these things, as they turn out to be depressing each and every time.

    What i'll be interested in trying to gather this time, is what direction Cue and the board feel is best and that they are going to follow. Are we going to somewhat stay the course with expanding our distribution, which was undertaken under Meissner, or are we going to reverse course and try to be like the Jones of old.

    I have yet to understand the whole distribution increase which has taken place the last couple of years....apparently we currently have 4 or 5 times the coverage that we had before Meissner started that strategy....however, I cannot find Jones anywhere near me....not even in Super Targets in Pittsburgh that I have checked out solely for the purpose of getting some Jones.

    An additional point on distribution is this...they tout the Nielson data every quarter that shows how fast Jones' products correct me if i'm wrong here....distribution has greatly increased, while sales have virtually tread water....this means that sales per point of distribution must have decreased (fairly substantially).

    If they can't expand sales with all this distribution growth, I say we cut a couple of sales reps, cut back on distribution, and get back to the basics. Apparently it won't have much affect on sales, yet it will have a large affect on our expenses and cash flow.

    Please Cue....tell me something I haven't heard every quarter for the last 2 years.

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