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  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Aug 14, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    Per nutjob less than 60 days left of cash

    Another spot on call by nutjob. LOL

    Second quarter prediction from Nutty

    "1.5 million loss coming = .037 ps

    4 mill in revs
    3 mill cost of goods(25%)
    1 mill net gross
    2.5 mill sga (1.5 p/s 1.0 ga)
    1.5 mill loss

    cash 1.8 mill as of end of june

    around 1 mill left when they report aug 9th

    16,666.66 cash burn per day 60 days left to survive ..... "

    You are just not having a very good year are you?

    Whatta putz

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    • The delusional nut job will say or do anything to distract from how wrong he has been this year!!!!!

      All hail the king of the narcissists.

      Go big money Go big money.

      Off by 250% on the loss and missed the sales number by 1.3 million.I guess the standards for spot on are not that stringent. ROFLMAO

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Aug 14, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

      you forgot to sell ha DUMBO!!!!!!

      that was a prediction before tha call and my loss of .037 was spot on if 1.2 mill wasn't cut from the SGA....FACT!!!!!

      and you were calling for a loss of just over 1 million ...LMFAO!!!!

      you were not right again....FACT!!!!!!

      how long cash will last is spelled out in the new 10Q and it is DEC 31ST

      delisting is SEP 10TH


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      • So let me get this straight, If they hadn't of done something different from what you were claiming they were doing you would have been right?

        Pure brilliance. ROFLMAO

        You saw they were cutting and did not adjust expenses down much but assumed the cutting would cause a 20% drop in sales.

        I love the fact that you missed the loss by 1.2 million and I missed by 1/2 million and you are claiming I am the one who missed.I can easily see why I missed,I did not think they were going to cut the promotional spending quite as much as they did,What cause you to miss by 1.2 million?

        On the top line I was off by 100,000 and you were only off by 1.3 million, but keep telling yourself you were spot on if it gets you through the day.

        Add that to the claim that they were going to be completely out of cash at the end of the 4th quarter (missed by that much)and your screaming that they could not issue new shares after reaching the credit agreement and this has been a banner year for you.

        I find it funny that you are willing to believe that the cash will last until the end of the year as opposed to 60 days now.Is it because you finally understand no one is listening to the boy who cried wolf?

        Go big money Go big money!!! only down a little over 10% for the year so far.

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