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  • belco_mc belco_mc Sep 21, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    back to 40 cents very soon

    Within a week, the stock will be back to the 40 cent range and the delisting will prove to be a non-event. I hear all the criticism on this board, and it is mostly accurate. However, it also explains why the stock has a market cap in the $12 million range, about .6x revenue. The turnaround efforts make sense to me- get Whoopass access to C-Stores, reduce the number of flavors and develop a new product to meet the natural soda demand. If she can execute on those initiatives we'll see the stock up dramatically from here. I think it's a good game plan with a reasonable chance of success.

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    • more like .04 cents, next week. firesale.....just try to catch the knife......

    • belco, that is the identical game plan they have had for the last 3 years. it only cost something like 10 million dollars to fail. convenience stores don't want their shelves cluttered with micro product. they want top selling stuff with high turnover and retail rebates etc. coke and pepsi stuff. stuff with massive marketing behind it to make sales. whoopass is a joke. a marketing mess. i have seen not one shred of anything to show that these people have a clue what to do other than cut costs. and anyone could do that. is that hard? a cat could do that.

      natural soda demand? new product? this is already their second or third product for that market. go google natural soda. see how many there are already meeting demand. you want to know what the game plan is? cue got 2 million options???? that is the game plan. did the last ceo make money? check! that was the game plan. insiders make money. shareholders pay insiders.

      press releases to show the new direction of the company? other than delisting? no.

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