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  • corbydillon corbydillon Mar 13, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Best Metrics in at Least 4 Years -- Stats from SEC Filings

    2012 Results on Key Ratios are Better than Any of Last Four Years:
    Gross Margins: 27.3% (Higher is better)
    Receivables to Payables: 1.96 (Higher is better)
    Accrued Expenses as Percent of Revenue: 4.7% (Lower is better)

    Previous three years average:
    Gross Margins: 20.8%
    Receivables to Payables: 1.4
    Accrued Expenses as Percent of Revenue: 7.5%

    Worst years for each metric:
    Gross Margins: {2009} 14.9%
    Receivables to Payables: {2010} 1.04
    Accrued Expenses as Percent of Revenue: {2010} 9.08%

    And most of this improvement comes with only 1/2 a year of Jennifer Cue at the helm. Are we on the right track?
    I'll let you decide.

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    • nice post. but here is the problem. the stock is wildly overvalued at 30 cents. public companies can stay overvalued for a long time. many do. to justify the market cap, the company would have to figure out how to make another 1.5 million a year in gross profit. or sell another 8 million in gross at current ratios. ok. right. fufuberry company has to seem sincere to whole foods buyers? among a sea of products? i don't believe it can happen. soda is a bad business now. they would have to come up with something dramatic to show investors actual profitable growth. so far, i dont see it.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Mar 13, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

      corby comes out of hiding to sugar coat ...

      wish you sold 4 years ago ha corby.....lmfao!!!!!!!!

      how come the 4 year chart of jsda doesn't reflect the improvement's of the key metrics ???? LOL

      • 1 Reply to nuttierthansquirrellshiat
      • Nutty, unlike you I have things to do besides posting constantly on a Yahoo Message Board. Yet, when the lies get so egregious, I occasionally find it necessary to straighten the record out.

        As stated, the bulk of these improvements have taken place within the last 1/2 year. I note that you could not dispute the figures. I also note that Jones is not so widely followed these days, and these improvements are not as easy to condense into a headline as a positive EPS number, but you know all that. Sad that you spend so much time here running down a stock that you claim has no future. Seems you have no better pursuit to occupy your time.

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