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  • who_gnu_1235 who_gnu_1235 Mar 29, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    Cart before the horse

    A lot of optimism on the thread. While I believe the stock has huge upside potential, I also believe it is a "show me" stock - investors will need to see results rather than buy on speculation. If successful, it is a story that will play out over time (quarters, years) rather than over days and weeks. It is also subject to seasonal trends with strongest quarter in summer and weakest in winter. On the downside, if they do not execute they will no longer be a going concern per 10K.

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    • Go read the latest conference call transcript, and what the CEO is saying.

      When you need to catch a train, do you leave your house to get there with enough time to spare, possibly boarding early or having to wait a couple minutes for it to arrive? Or are you one of the people who doesn't fret about it, thinks the world operates on your clock, and time it so you get there with only a minute or two leeway, taking the chance that if anything unexpected happens, or maybe your watch/clock is off by a little you might miss it? If you miss it, what do you do?

      Granted, it's not the same situation. However, if you want to take a "show me" approach, go for it. You can do that. Question is, if/when the company does show you something to your satisfaction, will you get your shares before it begins to move up? Let's suppose something good is announced. Maybe the stock jumps to 40 or 45 cent or maybe even 50 cents. Will you be able to get yourself to buy at that time, maybe with the stock 25% or 50% higher, knowing you could have had it cheaper and already be up by that amount? Or will you sit, watch, and have your limit order in at 34 cents telling yourself "it has to drop back some before going higher"? Or maybe you do get yourself to buy at 40, 45, or 50 cents, but then it falls back some first - what then?

      Do you think the company is going out of business? If not, what is the worst that happens?

      The facts would seem to indicate the worst is behind the company. We are entering the strong seasons of the year, and you either buy, or sit and watch.

      Enough has been shown to me already that I know where the company/stock is going.

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      • I agree with you and have large position. My point is that assuming the bullish case works out, it will move in increments (some large moves, some small moves depending upon the news). I think most of the moves will come with quarterly results. We've already seen move based on Q4. Personally I think it trades in a range until Q1 results. Then it moves to a new level until Q2 results, etc. This story will play out over an extended time period - I have patience

    • gee that sounds professional! still and all, I'm gonna have ta keep on wit da ol buy n hold ;) gltatsl

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