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  • billbimp billbimp Mar 30, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    The tide is turning...

    There's a reason the price has been demolished from it's 2007 highs, but at the same time there comes a point where the sentiment hits an extreme level and the price goes well past where it 'logically' should be valued at. I use the term logically loosely because the market doesn't actually act upon pure logic, it acts upon logic based on human emotions.

    Long story short, the downtrend on JSDA is now well overdone and you can see the bears aren't able to keep it down any longer. Any glimmer of hope or good news from the company will act as a powerful catalyst at this stage. The tipping point is very near where the supply is about to be dwarfed by the demand thanks to all of the selling, it's really just a matter of time now before the bullish moment is undeniable. I see it plain as day already, as do the insiders who've started buying now in the .30+ range, and pretty soon you won't be able to miss the strength.

    Imo, any bearish argument at this stage is laughable because that's been cooked into the price and then some. There's a reason this is now trading in the 30 cents and not 30 dollars, but now it's time to revert to it's mean (which happens to be much higher than it's current trading price range).

    Any increase in buying here will quickly snowball and the vacuum from the oversold conditions will be apparent. There was a little flurry of buying into the close on Friday, and that could be a sign that this week we'll see the first wave to the rally.

    All imho, good luck to everyone.

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    • Here it comes, .40 cents this week.....................

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agree 100%.

      "as do the insiders who've started buying now in the .30+ range,"

      This is key and many people are overlooking it, likely as a result of the share price being so low that they write it off. But, it is important/significant. I think the most important purchase which many people are overlooking is the 81,350 shares by Mills Brown. This is the key/important purchase because he only purchased shares once before, in December 2010 with the stock at $1.12. This purchase more than doubled the number of shares he has. You have to ask yourself "Why now?" and consider it in conjunction with the other purchases, and what we see happening.

      Some people see it, those who want to throw sticks and stones also see it - they just won't/can't admit it. Six months from now, new people are going to be posting here "I should have seen it".

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