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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian Apr 5, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    nearly every share the last day and a half,

    went off at the ask. very productive action. looks like another 10-20% week next week, although I'm in no hurry to cash in until the street and the retail joe have all piled in and/or it is richly valued, which could be years. JC is a competent manager. she has done a lot of good in a very short period.

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    • Give it up guys nutbag will allways regurgitate tick-tock or name calling. The guy is a perma-fried liar and will continue as long as his stubby little fat fingers hold out!

    • still 95%+ at the ask. cant continue forever, but....

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Apr 7, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

      thats because the shorts are hiting the ask ...duh!!!!!! 45% short volume friday ....

      JC is getting ready to bail on jones ....source 10k

      TICK , TOCK

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      • Hey, the nutt.... Is scared funny... If I was short I would be scared too..... You have to learn to cut your loses...... But he is still spamming lies......... JC..... Is in it for the longterm....... This week I see us hurdling to the .47 to .49 cent range again.... Volume will dictate as it did last Tuesday and early Wed Am....... Until then sit back enjoy the ride up, and enjoy watching Nutjob try to use ever lie and scare tactic as we are up 35% in a week, and only up from here...........

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • plus you dimwit a seller cant 'hit the ask'. a seller hits the bid or puts in a limit order, and if it is the lowest limit order it becomes the ask. hopefully you are actually short. love it.

      • i told you already, the supposed short volume you cite is bogus, not to mention that the ones you were glorifying when they were supposedly shorting at 60% daily volume at .30 are now 35% underwater. noone with the ability to short an OTC penny stock is obtuse enough to short a franchise with a million plus followers, no debt, and nearly a positive net income, let alone pretty solid prospects.

        I have read the 10k's going back to 2007, the oldest they on EDGAR, and you are not just a nut but desperate. here are the numbers going from 2012 to 2008-see below.

        Gross profits were higher in 12 than every year since 08, except SGA was 2x + what it is now and they lost 10MM+ that year. had JC been in for all of 12 the net loss would have been less than 1MM.
        If anything she has been more effective in just 2 qtrs than any rational investor could expect.

        She has the seasonally best time ahead of her, new contracts with Albertsons, WFMI, and Costco starting now-they are all the leaders of their respective categories. She is going nowhere as she is buying stock and has 2MM options. Anyone who wants to see what an effective manager she was can just peruse the oldest 10k's on edgar. You are simply a 100% scorned loser who has no grasp of the facts. There is not one iota of inference in any filing that she is on the way out. For a mental midget like yourself who wants to see the company fail, it makes sense that you would want to rid her of her position. I am glad you are here though, because watching you over the next months get more crosseyed in disbelief will be good entertainment for the board, or at least the ones who havent put you on ignore. Best wishes.

        Revenue $ 16,365
        $ 17,401
        $ 17,526
        $ 26,013
        $ 35,918

        Cost of goods sold (11,902 ) (13,120 ) (12,978 ) (19,875 ) (28,551 )
        Write-down of excess GABA inventory and impairment of fixed assets โ€”
        (506 ) (2,248 ) โ€”

        Gross profit 4,463

0.405+0.0050(+1.25%)2:29 PMEDT