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  • dhopper589 dhopper589 May 6, 2013 12:36 AM Flag

    They have never been good at earnings

    As a longtime follower of JSDA..... Even back to the cray run in 2006 to 2007 earnings where never a goodtime to hold, I sold my shares Friday afternoon I will wait after earnings to see what is fully up here...
    I made 75% on this no need to be greedy... It may run to .53 cents or so.... But if it goes to .35 after earnings
    I can deal with the few pennies I maybe giving back....

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    • if they show both a profit and a spurt up in revenues, you will wake up friday morning, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and in total disbelief see this stock selling for over a dollar. Good luck dissing on this company. The CEO knows what she is doing. Jennifer and Carrie make a good team and are leading the charge to a terrific comeback...

    • Good for you. Enjoy ! I believe we are seeing a secular change in Jones and are in the first inning of a megabagger driven by a turnaround . The technicals are too powerful to sell forming a long term bottom and breaking through 200 d MA. Slow stoch and MACD are also flashing buy. I plan to be here a long time as long as turnaround is working.

    • That is the problem with people in today's market, they continually bring up history why the market is going to crash, why individual stocks are overpriced, why "sell in May" is the right thing to do....until it isn't.

      Just when you get into the habit and complacency that things will repeat themselves, just because "it's always been that way" you find out things don't always remain the same.

      You may find that after the earnings announcement the shares gap up. Psychology is a tough thing to deal with. It's very difficult to buy a stock back at a higher price once you've sold. You think you understand how the stock moves, and you'll be unable to buy it back until it falls below where you sold. Maybe it's a few pennies, maybe it's more.

      You should forget what you think you know about the history of how JSDA trades. This is a new CEO and a new plan. The plan is progressing and things are turning the corner. The company/shares are still undervalued in relation to where they traded in the past for the same level of sales/earnings.

      I think you sold at the wrong time, but we'll see.

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