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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet May 8, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    What are the possibilities

    In my opinion only, in less than 24 hours earnings come out. Ask yourself some questions. What are the possibilities of them coming out with a profit this quarter? What are the possibilities of them talking about Whole Foods and how well they are doing? Whole Foods is considered a gourmet food store and the customers who shop there are actually educated consumers. These people love food. They do not mind paying a few extra pennies to get a good quality superb product. If this catches on, what is the possibility of this catching on at Whole Foods? You will have a consumer for life. Me personally, I love the product. I love good food. I do not mind paying extra for good food as long as the quality and the taste is there. Jones Soda is a superb quality soda drink that is considered a gourmet yuppie drink. I like to consider myself to be a yuppie. I can not wait for earnings to come out and say how well they are doing at Whole Foods and listen to the conference call. Good luck to all of the longs. For the shorts, here is a little saying: bad shorts bad shorts what are you gonna do what are you gonna do when the stock rises on you?

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    • I see basically a 0% chance of them reporting a profit during Q1. I'd be game to say another $.01 loss, and I think that would still be a positive. Anything worse than this and I think the stock heads back down, barring any good news in terms of some new accounts, or a good review to date of the Whole Foods deal.

      I think for them to show a profit, it's going to have to be Q2 or Q3, when the sales volume is there. Volumes are too low during Q4 and Q1 to be able to cover the expenses with our margins. If we can keep costs low, I see it being a slim possibility to report a profit at some point this year.

      I really don't know what to expect out of the call tonight, but if we can hold a 1 cent loss again, i'll be relatively happy with that.

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    • profit 5 + million in revenue needed goodluck dummy

      TICK , TOCK

    • Again the reference to the "shorts". How about a link to their whereabouts?

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