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  • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat May 25, 2013 5:57 PM Flag


    look at all the baggies gloat ....too funny

    jones will be out of cash in 7 months ...unless they are able to dilute to were near a turnaround in sight .....

    you baggies are still baggies at .62 ......too funny

    i'll be back to remind you dumbazzz's when they report their next loss jsda uses up their cash to survive...


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    • After Q1 earnings you said 0.24 first stop on way to 0.10 What happened? Why should we believe you now?

    • hey squirrel---ur talkin out ur 5 day old come stained panties---get off the pot

    • NUT How much do you want to bet No cash in 7 months. 5k? 10K? 20K? You have been singing this same BS stuff. Put your money where your mouth is douch

    • Nuthead give us a good cry!

    • It is too funny.

      40,000.000 $0.622 $0.047 $24,880.00 $1,880.00 8.17% $11,290.00 83.08% $0.34 $13,590.00

      If that's the definition of a baggy, then I'm happy to be one.

    • the only thing that hasn't changed is you. you used to give analysis until JC shook things up. maybe that is just a coincidence. Any loss next quarter would be de minimus. Meanwhile the LOC remains untapped and the 70 cent warrants could yield 2mm dollars down the road but I don't see them needing it to survive or avoid dilution. Do you realize In 2002 they only had 50k in cash on the balance sheet? With JC's leadership they became profitable about that time.

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      • Why do you think they made sure to update the filing recently if not to attempt to see the options exercised? While the dingbat does live in a goofball world of unbridled ignorance, there is absolutely no doubt that an increased cash position is absolutely necessary to complete the turn around program put into process in 2012. Relying on just the cash flow generated by the Q1 performance and the positive outlook for a much improved Q2 over last year would be pure folly and not something an experienced hand like the Ms. Cue would depend on.

        My persisitant comment on the low cost (market value of trading not number of shares) of legally manipulating the share price up I think will prove to be the case once the 70 cent threshold is crossed. This is reflected in how small an interest in the stock was displayed by the failure of almost 65% of the shareholders to even vote their shares at the last meeting. I voted via E-mail and it would have taken little effort to advise the broker to enter a vote.

      • It'll take another 10% rally. And considering how thinly traded this thing is, it's a given. Anyone who thinks they're going BK is just a troll. And the book value per share will increase even if the warrants create dilution.

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