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  • stopthecrazeness stopthecrazeness May 28, 2013 9:40 PM Flag

    it must be a full moon

    I liked the cream of spam schtick. dave the metro is obviously a noob but he does have a decent sense of humor.

    when I read all the back and forth I am reminded of why I came up with the moniker stopthecrazeness in 2002.

    revs will be about 4.8mm
    gm 26%
    sga 1.35mm

    do the math im not babysitting


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    • Wow lets say JSDA hits $4.8MM in Q2.... that leaves a LONG way to go to get to $20MM break-even. A long and winding road. I don't see it happening. Paulthemoron and Baldingnumbnuts think its in the bag - bwahaahahahahaa. The bag is empty.

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      • so they wont, or might not be break even for the whole year-THIS YEAR. what is your point? was PLSB, your pride and joy, break even in Q1? No they had twice the loss of jones. JSDA hasn't had a profitable qtr for 6+ years, but his year they will have tiny losses compared to those six years, in year one of the turnaround. q3 will most likely be profitable. are they supposed to go from a 6mm loss TTM before JC came in to an instant profit? This is called progression you noob. Therefore the SPx is going to get progressively higher based on the progressively, and hugely, better than prior year numbers. When the GP and loss are worse than the YoY comparison you let us know, k?
        When the cash burn gets worse-you let us know, until then #$%$ with your drivel.

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