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  • dmxistheshit dmxistheshit Jun 11, 2013 12:19 PM Flag


    Just looking through the 10K a little bit today, and seeing as of 12/31/12 there were 1,815,132 options that were exercisable at an average price of $.62. The bulk of these, at least 1.2 million have an exercise price of less than $.50.

    Wondering when we will see Cue take advantage of her 1 million options she received at her employment start, and also, she will have 500k more options that will vest on June 27.

    Starting to get a lot of options that are well in the money at this point.....especially Cue who's options are exercisable at $.29!

    Couple those items with the warrants that are getting close to being in the money, and there is the potential for a lot of fresh capital to come in to Jones. Obviously dilution comes along with this, but I think the funding potential is much more of a positive than the dilution is a negative.

    Have to see how well Jones can maintain the momentum it's had as of late, and see what happens with all these options.

    Come on Jones!

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    • The options have expiration in August 2022 - another 9 years.

      There's no reason to exercise any time soon as there would be taxes due. I could only see exercising if she was needing to sell the shares for some financial reason. Again, I don't see the exercise of those shares happening any time in the next couple years - when there are millions of dollars of value locked up in them. At this time, it's miniscule.

      The exercise price on 2,020,000 of them are at 0.2904

      If they were exercised, it's only $600,000 of "fresh capital" - miniscule.

      Not worth even thinking about - again, they won't be exercised for years.

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