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  • blackflagoregon blackflagoregon Jun 13, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Nice volume lol........

    Bringing it down.... MM'S.....
    Are without no volume..... Looks like the floor is dropping longs.....

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Why am I even replying to you? I guess I like to waste my time.

      If you are indeed serious in regards to your post, then wow have you gotten desperate nutty. I really do believe you are short (probably from a higher level) and you're not enjoying watching your profits melt away. As I type this the stock is down 3% on the day and you're over there celebrating? The fact that it's low volume is bullish, you should NOT be happy about that. The price is still well above all of it's moving averages, so a low volume float back down to let them catch up is simply how a healthy bullish stock trades.

      JSDA continues to trade like an absolute champ, I've enjoyed every penny of this ride from sub .30 land. My advice is to cover into any dips and then if you really can't find a better short setup out there in the entire market (like maybe a stock that hasn't already been beaten down to crazy low levels and is in the process of turning their company around), then at least wait until this one runs and try to short into the parabolic move that's coming up (because it's coming).

      I'll say this though, you've made my two+ months of being here a very entertaining stay. Thanks!

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